Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Background Check




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  1. First!

  2. @ jb loser

  3. haha @jb, the epitome of lamebook!

    guy in the striped shirt FTW!!! get some! mmm skinny arms thunder thighs 😉 wonder what her face looks like.

  4. loving the 3rd pic. oui!

    ass grabbing. could have been better.

    anyway, lame!

  5. An interracial lesbian couple grinding on the dancefloor? What’s wrong with that for the background of your picture? Oh, wait, the lame part is the guy in the background that has his shirt fully unbuttoned and his tie extra loose, showing off his white undershirt. Ok, I gotcha. yeah, that is lame.

  6. The girl in the 3rd pic in the leather, is enough win for me.

  7. In photo 3 the DJ is pulling the ‘Silent Duck’ manoeuvre, it is visible just behind the red DJ screen, somebody somewhere had a sore arse that night and it wasn’t the girl having her bum squeezed.

  8. Big Wiggly Style

    The expression of the fat dude in the first one made me lol. Looks to be enjoying himself.

  9. OMG these pictures just totally made up for my crap day yesterday =)

  10. wtf was the guy taking pics in the mens room?

  11. Aoife is a name?

  12. Nice bit of HSOWA going on in the first pic. and Aoife is an Irish name I believe.

  13. aoife and finian are both irish name..

  14. These pics are double lame as they all showcase foreground douche along with background shenanigans.

  15. Okay… nobody else noticed in picture number two the guy waiting to use the urinals looks like he crapped himself? No doubt that is what buddy was taking a picture of.

    That’s a dedicated sportsfan.

  16. Aoife is pronounced “E-fa”

  17. nothing like a good old fashion unintended photobomb.

  18. lmao, what the hell did we ever do to amuse ourselves before internet, camera phones and FB?

  19. If it’s a violation of man code to talk in the men’s room, taking pictures is for damn sure out of line.

    Immediate revocation of the man card is in order!

  20. I’m with ambushbug here. I noticed that right away.

  21. third one is a WIN!!

  22. @16 Edashfa?

  23. I LOVE Lamebook!

  24. That’s a solid ass grab in the third picture

  25. Whats with the guns lining the wall in the first picture?

  26. I agree with ambushbug. The line for the urinals was too long for background football guy. Dedicated fan? Depends…

  27. did anyone notice in picture three, some one is half a second away from grabbing the guy in the striped blue t-shirt? i wonder whats going on there

  28. Caramel_Princess

    @25, you goof ball those are flag poles!

    Pic 1 & 3 wooooah. Ok. Get it in, I guess.

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