Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Winsday!!!









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  1. first

  2. Also, Dylan is lame for submitting his own comment. I bet he deleted it as soon as he got the screenshot.

  3. Eh.

  4. I’m wondering how the relationship between Mariel and baby Lucy is going to pan out… honorary Auntie, Godparent, babysitter? I think not

  5. A lot of these just seem like recycled posts.
    Not very funny, but sufficient.

  6. Love the 2nd post by Kayla.

    Poor old Dylan.

    He must have sat there and thought that the lame comment he put was ” Lamebook Worthy” as he obviously screenprinted 2 seconds after he posted.


  7. Optimus Prime. That is GOLD, it made me guffaw.

  8. Dylan FTW.

  9. Any post on here stops being funny if it turns out the person just did it to subit it to Lamebook themselves. Though I guess it does just make the post lamer.

    Some of them were funny, but Eric and Jeremy’s were just shit.


  10. I’m naming my dog Optimus Prime, awesome 😀

  11. @9,

    Sad thing is Sir Hobo, is that Dylan will no doubt be trawling these very pages to see everybody’s reaction…

    Dylan, I know you’re reading this, eat a handful of dicks…

  12. lewis FTW. what street? the coolest phrase I’ve read all day.

  13. forget Dylan, Lewis just served Holly with a fat plate of IN YO FACE.

  14. Okay,humor the old hag-how can you tell who submitted the comment,by the screenshot?

  15. That was probably a lame rhetorical question…

  16. A decent collection of chuckles with a chortle or two mixed in.

  17. Big Wiggly Style

    Lewis and Jeremy are my favs.

  18. Dylan likes to attribute masculine features to his faeces.

    His piss is probably Feminine and his other bodily fluids hermaphrodites. He has a confused sense of his own sexuality and masturbates habitually.

    Yes I did get all that from the 7 words he typed, he wants to watch what he types next time, dead giveaway to be honest.

  19. the wigger with the tats should add a Lamebook logo

  20. I cannot believe admin didn’t pixelate the dog. What about his privacy?

  21. The Voldemort group isn’t lame. In fact, it was the first group’s name to make me laugh out loud.

  22. The Optimus Prime comment cracked me up.

  23. thatswhatshesaid

    my co-worker named his doberman puppy Optimus Prime

  24. your co-worker is a fucking legend

  25. I’m with 14… The only way I can usually tell a self-post is if the little ‘Delete’ thing is where which it isn’t. How do you guys know Dylan submitted it himself?

    On the other hand… I’m so joining that group.

  26. Should have read the posts closer… Scratch that question.

  27. At first when I was reading Mariel’s post, and her mentioning the giant head, I was thinking of Tito Ortiz being born. Kinda gave me a chuckle thinking of that.

  28. Maybe Voldermort is hanging out with Osama Bin Laden. That would help both the groups

  29. Amanda had me literally laughing out loud!

  30. ugh Mariel wrote “suppost” instead of supposed. she sucks.

  31. yeah go voldemort!

  32. I’m not getting it, how do you know Dylan submitted that? Please explain so I can smack myself on the forehead and say “Doh!”

  33. Because it says a whole “2 seconds ago” under his comment. If he didn’t submit it, somebody screen shot that shit pretty fast.

  34. im baby Lucy, well actually that was a birthday wish from mariel on my 15th birthday, hypothetical situation she made up and my mom commented on explaining how it actually happened!

  35. Really, Lucy? I’d have never figured that out on my own. Thank God you showed up to explain.

  36. Poor Young Money 🙁 he’s gonna have to spend some of that cash removing the screwed up “Yankees” logo!

  37. Some countries do have shitty internet. -Maybe- the one posting Dylan’s found it coincidentally 2 seconds after the post, and read it a while, and finally taking a snapshot, while the said shitty internet still thought it was 2 seconds after the post.

  38. Hey neon6apocalypse, if you notice at the top someone didnt understand, maybe THATS why I explained the obvious.

  39. My boyfriend and I just got a puppy, and we named him Optimus Prime, or Opie for short…but the funniest thing about it? He’s a tiny chihuahua. LOL

    Our other dog is named Devo, so we kept with the 80s theme. =D

  40. Me and my friend had that SAME EXACT convo! Lol LV is on the loose!

  41. Oh David Carradine, why can’t you come autoerotically asphyxiate yourself in my closet?

  42. John sure has his priorities right. I might just go and join that group myself.

  43. eric and my husband have the same holiday traditions.

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