Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Serious Success

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  1. Ben

  2. Are there any original statuses anymore??

  3. So which is it Daniel? Were you getting changed or were you fucking superman? Or, was some super-man fucking you?

    Minty, stop being so obtuse, you beast.

  4. What is wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

  5. Yes and when I hear strange sounds from the cubicle next to me, I just naturally ask “What you doing in there?” FAAAAAAAAKE NUTS.

  6. What ISN’T wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

  7. Tits. Pillowy mounds of freckled tits. You can’t explain that.

  8. Wow, if sickipedia could sue everyone who copied one of their jokes and claimed it as one of their own original statuses, they would be minted!

  9. I think I might just beat up a mime and take all that applause for myself.

  10. lol meh lol

  11. Hey Stubby–regardless of whether the first one is a fake, my concern is that you’re pooping in your cubicle!

  12. MsAnne–as always, a chuckle with my tea, but I must admit part of the joy has worn off since you’ve revealed yourself as a man. You wrote the fat fuck’s ‘shirt’ in a following post. A woman would have called it a top or a sweater.
    Oh well. Still, thanks for all the great comments!

  13. If someone told me that they were fucking Superman, I wouldn’t be silent. I’d run screaming knowing that someone that bad ass could make me next.

  14. christopherlovet knows what’s up. Once you see one pair, you want to see them all.

    And I liked the jokes on all of these, except Minty (wtf is that name about?).

  15. slicingupeyeballs

    Lindsay Lohan, a short, pasty, ginger talentless whore with saggy, freckly tits. Who would want to see that…?

    I use her as a mental image to slightly delay my biffing a load of hot sperm into the face of my beloved. This makes it more romantic for her…

  16. dakpainter67 (#12) Australian’s don’t use the term ‘sweater’. Which is a good thing, because whenever I hear it I always imagine a moist (sweaty) & nasty garment.

  17. I know a woman named Minty. She’s actually pretty cool, not like the jealous Minty that had commented above.

  18. ^I’m not sure that a healthy loathing of the Lohan counts as jealousy. That bitch is a trainwreck.

  19. She could have said nothing and just let Alexander’s “poor taste” speak for itself.

    But aside from that, it’s not like he’s going to call Lindsey up and take her to dinner. He just wants to see her boobs.

  20. I wouldn’t turn down lindsay lohan. My protocol for fucking women doesn’t involve me reviewing a resume. If they have a vagina, they passed my test

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