Thursday, August 11, 2011

Status of Success!

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  1. Not A Dumb Person

    Where is everyone? This place is barren!

  2. i’m terrible at math but i’m going out on a limb and saying billy’s calculation is way off. its about 20 bucks for a 30 pack of bud light, for 1000 bucks i don’t think you’d get much more than 75 bucks in recycling.

    i know i know, not the point of the joke…

  3. That recycling one has been making its rounds all week. Not only is it a retread of something we saw several years ago, but it is logically flawed since you already pay the deposit at the time of purchase; they’re only giving you money you’ve already spent.

  4. Uhhh throwingtofu guess what, it’s not ‘logically flawed’ at all. If you take his Delta Airlines example, you’re only getting back $49 of money you already spent. He’s saying that losing $786 is better than losing $951.

    It’s called losing value in an investment. Learn to economics.

  5. Not all states require a deposit. You just take the cans to the recycling center and get cash for them. Plus this investment pays off because the beer is useful to you.

  6. I just thought it was flawed because everyone knows that $1,000 worth of beer can get you almost 2,000 cans(i’m talking Natty & Keystone Light). It takes about 30-40 cans to make a pound, so you’re looking at about 50-60 lbs. with 2,000 cans, and with most recycling centers paying .50-.85 cents a pound, that’s only $35.00-$45.00.

    “Samsonite…, I was way off!”

  7. You can do the math:

    I used Beer Dist Westchester, NY, Keystone Light, 30-case of 12-oz cans. At $17.50/case, you can buy 1,714 cans of beer.
    New York State gives you a $0.05 deposit. That means you get back $85.71.

  8. butts I was referring to the beer portion of it, not the rest; that was pretty clearly indicated though you seem to have overlooked that aspect of in favor of sharing knowledge most of us have known since 9th grade.

    Learn to read.

  9. Billy is actually really wrong with calculations on his status.

    One year ago today, AIG cost $36.83 PER STOCK. Which means if you had $1000 to invest, you would be able to buy 27 stocks, for a little bit less than the 1000 dollars.

    Today the stock is worth roughly $29 per share, meaning you have $783 valued in AIG stocks, assuming you didnt sell any of your 27 shares when they were valued at just over $60 a share 6 months ago. Where if you sold it then, you would have roughly doubled your money.

  10. And in the first thing I meant to say “27 shares” not “27 stocks”

  11. Way to squeeze all the fun out of that slighty funny post …..

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The other point is that the stock market dips occasionally, but long term has shown a pattern of consistent increases over time. It dips, and then recovers and continues increasing. So that $783 dollars of shares in AIG will probably be worth a great deal more in about 25 years. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    Also; now is an excellent time to buy.

  13. Takoma… you can’t get a non 0 or non 5 number counting nickels.

    Sorry bro, you dun fucked it up.



  14. you can keep that penny for your thoughts.

  15. Yes, because the difference between buying the stock and buying the beer is this: If you had spent $1000 on shares of stock for Lehman Brothers last year, and sold it this year, you would get back $1000, therefore breaking even.

    If you bought $1000 dollars worth of beer last year, you wouldn’t have made $214, you would have lost $786

  16. Shut Up

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