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  1. @ 98. Hubby has been snipped dear. No more breeding for me. As for the wee ones, they are some of the smartest most beautiful babes ever. Even Im confused how that happened. And how does me being disgusted about their arrival have anything to do with them being neutered? Birth is not beautiful. And I’ll tell em that when they are old enough to be horrified and embarassed about the pains and mess I went through to bring them into this shitty old world. Yes Im gonna be one of those Moms. Or am I kidding? No one knows yet. Dunnn dun Duuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!

  2. This needs some spoiler. Freaking gross. Which ass of this world is sane enough to eat something that comes out of somebody’s vagina?

  3. I don’t know. Maybe the same one who thinks it’s sane to swallow something that comes out of somebody’s penis??


  5. Jenn ftw

  6. imagine that this came out of jessica alba or megan fox .. and it kinda takes the edge off… 1 scoop? no i’ll have 2, looks delicious

  7. hahaha.Jenn has a point.

  8. Oh joy, another “I’m the only one to ever give birth now praise me” Mombie hits facebook. I’d report that pic just for her being a rude cow thinking anyone would want to see that crap.

  9. Thats just NASTY!!!!

  10. I agree that it’s discusting and that this picture shouldn’t have been taken. BUT, after reading a few posts about eating something that came out of your vag, I’m afraid I have some bad news: It’s called “Placentophagia” – the act of eating your placenta. It falls under the lines mostly of natural child birth, as it has it’s ups, one of which helps to stop bleeding after birth.

    And unfortunately, I found out that my friend’s mom who had two or three of her younger siblings at home was given a puree version mixed with strawberry flavoring by her midwife and wasn’t told what it was until hours later… now THAT’S nasty! 17 years later, she STILL doesn’t eat strawberry flavored anything!

  11. That plastic bowl is totally going to melt on that cook top and the napkin under it is just going to smoke and burn, idiots…

    (****sarcasm alert****)

    attack at will…

  12. Looks like Liver to me, tastes like chicken, NOT…teehee

  13. aw yum! Can i have some?

  14. I believe that giving someone something to eat and lying about what it is falls under the category of “assault”.

    I had a homebirth. I had no desire to see or eat my placenta. I know all about how it is supposed to help prevent bleeding to death or getting post partum depression, but I don’t think I could ever eat it.

    I know a lot of people who plant them under a tree.

  15. I’ve heard of people doing this too. That, and planting it in the backyard because it’s very nutrient dense. After having my son though, I had absolutely zero desire to take it home with me. Blech.

  16. I’d rather plant it than eat it. (I can’t understand how anyone would do that.)

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little >.<'


  18. It it wrong that I was more disturbed by the state of the wall behind the cooker, and the fact that it seems they keep their bin pressed up against the side of the cooker.

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