Friday, May 20, 2011

Parents Suck

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  1. Primero!!

  2. CommentsAtLarge

    The post screamed frape at first, but then Gemma posted again and Mary didn’t object. In that case Gemma, welcome to the boobie-sucking club; membership certainly has it’s perks.

  3. Cool. At least her mum isn’t narrow minded and full of hate

  4. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Something about the dumb way that post was worded annoys me, but kudos to the mom for not being a self-righteous hatemonger about it.

  5. At least Mary’s response is a bit aggravating, here they are being sexually explicit in the open and then get put off by topic of infant brestfeeding, the most natural thing in the world.

  6. God I love boobies.

  7. thatfukkenfurry

    @lexluther: Me too, my man. Me too.

    @blahblahbla: You can have all the sex you want but unless you’re into that you still find the thought of your parents fucking to be gross.

  8. Furry, even if you like wolf titties I still like you. Not as much as boobs of course, but that’s to be expected.

  9. bollywood_rocks83

    Maybe Gemma is Mary’s baby? That is the only way this post would be acceptable. If they’re scissor sisters, I’m turned on…

  10. Incest?? Fapfapfap

  11. When I was a baby, my mom would tease me with the boobs. I’d get frustrated and close my eyes and just start going through the sucking motions with the expectation that I’d eventually latch on to something. I’d feel some jostling, being shifted around, and then learned at an early age that clits don’t give milk.

  12. ROFL.

    That’s sick.

  13. I reckon Gemma has got a better than average chance of fixing a rather kinky ménage with Mary and her apparently rather liberal mum.

  14. hairbowsnhockeysticks

    I’m going to hell for laughing at Soup.

  15. And that’s why mum’s aren’t allowed on facebook.

  16. My mum used to drink so much during the pregnancy that by the time i ripped half of her womb out with me on the old ‘Grand Entrance’, sucking on her tit was a bit like drinking a pint of battery acid…. Invegorating, dangerous and a little trippy.

    Frankly my dear I don’t give an Edam.

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  18. Well fuck me in the gut hole with a builders arm!

    I can’t post under my normal username for fear of upsetting some moaning fuckpigs delicate sensibilities but this period stain is allowed to flog us knocked off garments made by third world slave children?!

    What a load of old bollocks…

  19. original-lisha

    That’s an insult to period-stains.

  20. LOL, Soup

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