Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jew Gotta be Kidding Me Part 2

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  1. I really REALLY don’t understand the first one. Is it a how to book, like “so, you’re trapped in a concentration camp and need food. Here’s how to make spaghetti sauce from dead rats!”? Who wants to read about this stuff while eating or making food any ways? If it’s just Jewish recipes, SAY that. Maybe that’s what it is “how to eat Kosher while imprisioned and dying”.

  2. I wouldn’t eat that. I’d probably make me… gassy. Hurr durr.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    We don’t have Jews where I live.
    Now, I only have Hitler and Mel Gibson’s opinions to go by, but it sounds like they cause a bit of trouble. Should I ask those nice chaps at Hezbollah for a better character reference…?

  4. Bet you won’t find a schnitzel recipe in that one.

  5. @ Comments … funny shit, fuckin’ A.

    (or strudel)

  6. catpower, the nazis used ovens to cremate the prisoners of the concentration camps. the focus is supposed to be on the comment about the brick oven pizza. there’s a pretty terrible joke about it. just google “what’s the difference between a jew and a pizza?”

  7. I am going directly to hell for laughing at anorexicpanda.

  8. Thanks mass – damn shame about the strudel though, it’s mein favorite.

  9. @missbaker love your use of the word ‘cremate’.

  10. ..und mein.

  11. ehhh, i thought about using something different than “cremate,” since it wasn’t so much the burning of dead bodies as it was the burning of both dead bodies and living beings. i guess it’s possible in some philosophical sense they were essentially already dead, but that’s a stretch.

    and thinking about that is a total buzzkill.

    by the by, a million high-fives to you, anorexicpanda!

  12. I have that Holocaust Survivor cookbook. It’s just a bunch of recipes for traditional Jewish food from Holocaust survivors, plus pictures of them and background on their lives.

  13. It’s not particularly funny but I just like the last one because I know where it is – on the Curry Mile in Manchester. I got the same feeling when lamebook posted up a photo of the “Best handjob in the North” carwash.

  14. The cookbook bit strikes me as too similar to the old Twilight Zone Episode “How to Serve Man” episode for comfort.

  15. Top Jew sounds like a pretty good TV show.

  16. Seconded — Jonjones

  17. Jon, glad I was not the only one thinking that. I don’t know if they’ll be modeling, cooking, or what ever it is the “Top”s do these days, but I’d watch.

  18. @laugh.out.loud
    I’m glad I’ll be having someone to keep me company down there.
    And no, I didn’t mean it like that. Unless you want me to mean it like that…

    And one Internet for you, ma’am.

  19. I have also seen the last one in Curry Mile, and I think the funniest bit is that it’s a mostly Indian and Pakistani/Hindu and Muslim populated area.

  20. Okay, so I’m very lame and totally just made an account to say I walk past the Curry Mile everyday! @knobjockey, I live about 2 minutes away from that ‘Best handjob in the North’ car wash.

  21. If I had to choose a ‘Top Jew’ I would choose David Schwimmer from Friends.

    His bland, run of the mill, sit-com style humour has inspired me on so many levels…. But it’s mostly because he got to pretend that he was porking Jennifer Aniston.

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