Thursday, December 16, 2010

O Baby!

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  1. Angela must be on welfare or getting child support… Ah, gives me hope for the future generation… and what kind of name is Qgelica anyway?

  2. Qgelica? Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me it’s pronounced Q-gelica. Or even better, maybe Kuhgelica? Either way I’m mad.

    And she may have to resort to eating her baby cause there certainly isn’t any other food int he fridge besides that old burrito. Maybe she just hasn’t gotten her Link Card renewed for the month, yet.

    Oh wait, was that racist?

  3. I will never understand the photos of babies with money on them.

    As for “Qgelica” I have no comment because I’m going to just pretend that doesn’t exist and I never saw it.

  4. Hey, at least they’re $100 bills. I’ve seen way too many “Luk at mah baybie he be ballin wid all dat moneyyy” photos where the baby’s only got about $20 in $1 bills. That baby is relatively ‘ballin’, he’s got at least $2000 on him.

  5. What’s the big deal with the second one? Other than the fact it’s one ugly mofo of a toy kitchen. I bet Poppa made it himself. Kitchen designer you are not, old man. But good on you, anyway.

    Racist in a good way, Lulz.

    What the fuck, Qbitch?

    I’ll kick any Lamebooker in the crotch if they think the last one is even remotely funny.

  6. @wordpervert – Learn how to read. The hilarity comes in the comment below the picture. And if you don’t get it, then you’re just a ritard.

  7. Well. The *are* lame.

    Poppa should have gotten her a ratchet set instead of that uglykitchenbullshit. There was probably a broom and a mop to go with it

    I just don’t get the baby with money pictures. Baby sluts

  8. Some people should not be able to procreate.Ever.

  9. those money-on-baby pics are not only dumb, they’re gross. do these dumb fucks not know about all the germs and drug residue that resides on money? i’m not a germaphobe, but dang… you might as well take the baby to the garbage dump and let her crawl around.

  10. commish, I read the comment, dick. And that makes it hilarious? Blow me.

  11. There’s barely any food in that fridge!!!!!!!!! What a tragedy. 🙁

    BRB going to go eat a lot of junk now.

  12. 1) She’s getting ready for her life as a stripper.
    2) She doesn’t look like she likes it much but that’s how kids that age are normally.
    3) Looks like a girl. And nice empty ass fridge except for eggs, cheese, mystery pan, mystery veggies, and subway sandwich.

  13. Pic 1: I don’t see anything wrong with covering your baby with money. It encourages them in life to make it big. Personally, I daily wipe my daughter down with cocaine residue and stripper sweat.

    Pic 2: Seriously old joke. Even excusing the lameness of the comment, Jerod’s a tool to aim it at a toddler. Emily has earned her place in shitty parents hall of shame simply by being FB friends with Jerod :/

    Pic 3: Jesus Qgelica – buy some food. You might get by alright on meth and burritos, but your delicious baby will someday need more. Nevermind, he’ll probably be the state’s problem by then.

    Commish – you spelled “retard” wrong. bahahaha! Blow Qgelica!

  14. Kate, NO ONE is giving strippers $100 bills. No one.

  15. You’re right Anne. I should have looked closer; I assumed they were dollar bills. My apologies, haha. It concerns me that they are $100’s now. Why do the stupid people have app. $3200 dollars? I blame the economy, lol.

  16. My exact thought process:
    “What the hell would you put a baby in a fridge? Oh…because you’re name is Qgelica. Understandable.”

  17. *Why.. not what.

  18. I believe Commish may have spelled “retard” wrong on purpose. “Ritard” is a musical term. Well, part of one.
    Or he’s just an idiot. Idk.

  19. It’s a sad state of affairs when I’ve seen more than one “baby covered in money” picture on Facebook. You’d think that would be reprehensible enough so that other people wouldn’t actually do it, but no.

  20. @wordy

    The only remotely funny thing about the third one is that they stuck the leftovers in the fridge whilst still in the pan.

  21. nice pic of baby covered with money. This is why the ghetto population (regardless of race) are destined to continue the cycle forever.

    1. This is probably every cent this mook has in the world covering her baby.
    2. It’s a great way to show the rest of the world what your priorities are.
    3. Get an education
    4. Get a job
    5. Get a life

    Just sayin’….

  22. Kate/Anne: Au contraire. Strippers get 100-dollar bills all the time, in the VIP room, for doing the stuff they aren’t supposed to talk about. 😉

  23. If you think someone can get that much money from welfare, you are obviously delusional. Seriously.

    Jared made a joke, but it’s the truth. Girls toys are: baking things, cleaning things, and baby dolls.

  24. #1 That baby couldn’t look less interested.
    #2 Piss off Jared. Were we all supposed to laugh at your lame old joke? Cute kitchen though, you don’t agree word?
    #3 You’re a fucking nutter. How absolutely thick are some people.

  25. You know, I can understand things like an Easy Bake Oven where you actually get to make shit. But the fake kitchen thing, no way. Especially when they’re like 200 bucks! What the hell, man? 200 bucks for a bunch of plastic food and appliances that don’t work is ridiculous.

  26. @23 – You’re right but there is no way someone with that much money is going to be dumb enough to do something stupid like that. After all, we live in a world filled with common sense right?

  27. MsBuzz – no little boys are allowed to play with those things?

  28. I used to teach preschool and I will tell you both genders love kitchen sets pretty much equally. They also love dressing up in high-heeled shoes, because they make a lot of noise when you stomp around on linoleum in them.

    If I had a nickel for every dad that came into my class, saw his son clomping about in high heels, and gave me a horrified look – well I’d have made about twice as much as a preschool teacher gets paid.

  29. I played with my sister’s toy kitchen and Easy Bake oven …but I made toy meth amphetamines and plastic hash brownies.

  30. Hey word … oh wait ..fuck… I thought that said “lick”… I was going to pretend the last one was even remotely funny …

  31. You fucking plebs are obviously unfamiliar with the delights of chilled niglet meat.

  32. .. obviously you haven’t seen my freezer.

    Nigeria is rife.

    Walter , this might be my last post before the holiest of holiest but can you still suck my cock from there?


  33. So the third one is pretty much hilarious from what I gather, I assume the rest of you are with me on that.

    Oh good another connaseur of nigglet meat! Then you also know how badly this one is being prepared, he needs to be hung by the feet to preserve the flavor.

  34. Please, miss mass, “cock” sounds so crude. “Little lady nub” from now on, please.

  35. Look, my baby is in the trash! Now he/she is in a food processor! Now he/she is covered with elephant pooh! Get my CAMERA out!

  36. But mass, I’m a little worried about you. Why did your normal little, passive-aggressive, whiny squeaks all of sudden manifest into a personal attack on me when I obviously haven’t done anything to offend you. Are you feeling especially lonely and impotent because of the festive season? Why don’t you just come to beautiful sunny Sydney with me and the lovely pervert? Is it hard to save enough for a flight with your Subway paycheck after paying the rent? Seriously dude, you want a loan, or what? Talk to me. I’m here for you.

  37. Qgelica huh ? I’m still trying to figure out the pronunciation in my head .. Ur name has ruined my day

  38. I’d just like to state for the record…I think I had all three of these families in my store today, and I threw all three out because they were shoplifting.
    You would not believe how many “mothers” shove electronics/sheets sets/watches/whatever behind or under their kid in a stroller…never mind their purses that I could use to transport the contents of a one bedroom apartment.
    You should have a license and a JOB to have a kid!!

  39. Uber username man strikes again!!

  40. Goodness me, you could cut the spite in here with a knife…


  42. LOL@Qgelica. I hope I can find her.

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