Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Checking In to Check Out

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  1. Wow, that’s why I don’t have a “smart” phone.

  2. I’m curious to know the rest of the story. Was she just there for a checkup or to get more info and he is flipping out on her? Or did she really do it? Either way, holy cow.

  3. Wow, it’s like lamebook are trying to instigate arguments in the comments section to cover up the absolute lameness of the submission.

    They wouldn’t, would they?

  4. @paranoid: either that, or they’re trying to instigate a flame war over abortion. They’re probably just as bored as we are…

    So, in the interests of helping out:

    This post is so utterly lame, I can’t believe *Lame*book could possibly deem this worthy of my time or effort or energy. I remember the good old days of Frodo and one-armed wonders (not to mention commenters with turtle obsessions)! Lamebook, please be less lame!

    Also, abortion is cool.

    (Just kidding. It’s not cool. But I am pro-choice. And bored.)

  5. Shut up Jesse, the choice isn’t yours. When you get pregnant, you can have as many abortions as you want. Until then, it’s ultimately your girlfriend’s choice.

  6. Women do sort of hold all the cards on this one; even on the other end of the spectrum.

    Just broke up with a girl who’s had your child?

    Well, have fun making payments on that (literal) bastard until they’re 18.

    Pretty sure it’s not even yours?

    “Tough shit!” says the state.

  7. @lostintranslation…Where do I start?

    If it wasn’t worth your time, why is your post the most wordy? Also, if you were an expert of that which is lame, you would have thought of Lamebook, thereby negating your need to be posting a comment in the users section. You know darn well that you rush to PoW/Lamebook every day to check out whats new, so why troll?

  8. Yawn.

  9. loupy is frodo

  10. I’m beginning to think that Paranoid Android IS Lamebook, on account of all the posts he/she makes about Lamebook being unfunny and possibly posting entries with the intent to instigate arguments in the comments section to distract from its lack of funniness, which, in turn, instigates arguments in the comments section.

  11. Also, Jesse doesn’t appear mature enough for fatherhood.
    From what I read, he probably doesn’t even need to shave yet.

  12. Ben Waiting, your meta-talk is giving me headaches. But I think you’re on to something.

  13. Carolyn would have had to confirm her location before it posted to facebook, so really – she’s just being a bitch.

    I say abort all children, it’s not like we need them

  14. It gave me a headache, too. But think about. Even his/her name is inciting us to be paranoid about something. Is Paranoid Android paranoid? Or should we be paranoid about Paranoid Android’s true identity? Or about Paranoid Android’s intent?

  15. Screw this, I’m off to look at Lolcats

  16. I like turtles <3

  17. Ben Waiting, please stop! You are making my brains boil.

    Also …. here’s frodo:

  18. I never understand when someone complains, about something on being Lame?
    Perhaps you are looking for this website:

  19. Ben Waiting, that makes so little sense that it’s the most genius fucking plan I’ve ever read. You massive bell-end.

  20. Ben Dover, people’s complaints aren’t that it’s lame, but that it’s not funny. And besides, this isn’t so much lame as… a mildly depressing snapshot of the relationship of two random people we’ve never heard of.

  21. #5, I disagree. Women’s brains are too small to make such big decisions on their own.

  22. This whole time, we’ve had a spy amongst us. Because either Paranoid Android IS Lamebook, and spying on and inciting the commenters, or, Lamebook is spying on Paranoid Android, and planting unfunny entries just to get a rise out of him/her, which effectively gets a rise out of everyone else. So, I’m just waiting for Paranoid Android and/or/aka Lamebook to weigh in on this. Which both frightens and exhilarates me.

  23. I like turtles, too, but not in a sexual way.
    @phixius Doesn’t your state have the option to appeal child support with a paternity test?

  24. I don’t see the fairness of abortion, if any one dick harry and his Gf can have one then should other animals get abortions too…. I mean llamas they should have a choice to have a abortion like us…. its so unfair on ze animals… especially on spiders i mean that bitch just ate you cos you made it pregnant…jezz that would not happen if spiders got the choice too!!!

  25. Ben Dover I can never understand why people complain about people who complain about lamebook being lame. Don’t you get it? It’s not supposed to be lame to us. It’s supposed to be funny to us. There is supposed to be some sort of humour in there somewhere. Have you ever seen Jerry Springer. You’re sour.

  26. Imamofo *blur* was under Shannon Matthews Bed

    I’d have staid there too if it’s wasn’t for you pesky kids and this shit fucking phone ap thing

    No Jesse, Carolyn is not kidding you…by having an abortion she is de-kidding you.

  27. comments 9 & 16 literally made my day 🙂

    Also, @loupy, thanks for taking the bait!! 😀

  28. @dddtl: Nope. A doubtful father can neither force a paternity test to prove or disprove his parentage, nor (in the event a paternity test is simply agreed to) is he permitted to stop payments if the child is proven not to be his. The state’s line of thought seems to be that he was in a relationship with the mother when the child was concieved. Were they still in that relationship he’d be providing financially for that child. So, whether it’s his or not, he’s got to pay for the little sucker because that was the mother’s expectation when she got pregnant.

  29. Incorrect. If a paternity test is consented to and the child is found to be from a different father when the father assumed it was his but suspected infidelity, then proven by the paternity test, this can lead of the suspension of any and all child support payments.

    The main point is the intent when the child was conceived / born. If the couple intended to raise the child together, it was born then you split up, unless you can prove that the split was 100% her fault then yeah, payments till it’s 18.

  30. ten98, I’m going to step out on a ledge here and guess that casshern may not be from your state or even your country. As such, his state has different laws than yours,you unthinking idiot.

  31. That’s pretty much what my mother-in-law’s boyfriend figured too. He had a peternity test done, kid’s not his. State’s still taking child support payments out of his check. They broke up because he caught her cheating on him. Literally walking in on it happening. So there was no “intent” to raise the child together. She just drug her heels on the divorce proceedings after she found out she was pregnant so that they’d still be legally married when the kid was born. She was also collecting child support for the same kid from three different states. She registered at different addresses in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona and had her friends who actually lived at the other two addresses mail her the checks. Each state knew nothing of the other addresses and all three deducted from his paycheck the full amount of his child support payment. Took her to court and got that shit stopped, but he didn’t get reimbursed. Neither did she suffer any legal punishment. The whole system is broken. A necessary evil.

  32. that’s a lovely story phixius – but this isn’t Sally Jesse Raphael.

  33. Lolcats are funny. They can’t spell.

  34. Ah yes because she was at a womens clinic MUST MEAN SHE WAS HAVING AN ABORTION!! Or…a check up??

  35. What if Ben Waiting is actually Lamebook trying to put the focus on Paranoid Android being Lamebook to cover their tracks?!? Throw us off the scent that Android may be right? I’m going to hide in my bomb shelter…

  36. Silly Comments, now you’re just being paranoid.

    Wait… you’re being Paranoid!! That means you’re really Android who is really lamebook trying to put us off the trail by using two accounts! I’m on to you.

  37. Why are people using the new location feature on facebook? WHY?

    That is the real lame of this post. Why do you have to tell everyone where you are and where you were? Who cares!


  38. @phixius That must depend on the state. I think you friend may want to move to somewhere where they can’t get him

  39. @CommentsAtLarge: You are blowing someone’s cover. BLOWING.

  40. Yeah… Mexico? If it were possible to just move to a certain state to get out of child support payments, every dead beat dad in the country would live there. I think it’s based on what state the kid was born in, not which one he currently lives in.

    @Duke: Sally would never stoop so low. This is Maury material, through and through.

  41. Here’s a fun child-support story for everyone:

    A friend of mine from work had a baby with her fiance about 4-5 months ago. Shortly after, the mother of his first child died while undergoing some random surgical procedure, so his daughter came to live with them.

    About 2 months later, the state of California contacted him saying that he owed back child support for said daughter. He informed the state that he couldn’t possibly owe back child support, because he had full custody of his daughter due to the fact that he mother was deceased. He had to send in his ex’s death certificate and everything.

    As it turned out, one of his late ex’s friends had all of the paperwork (birth certificates, social security cards, etc.) for both his daughter, as well as his ex (the friend claimed the paperwork went missing when previously asked about it).

    The solution, according to the state of California? He now has to pay himself child support each month. He mails the check off to them, then he gets it back two weeks later.

    Gotta love bureaucracy!

  42. Jessi
    Seriously? Is that story true? It’s funny, but so… bassackward. Are we really that screwed up??

  43. Hehehe. I am not lamebook. Seriously.

    Stop being so paranoid.

  44. @muepsilongamma, Unfortunately, it’s completely and totally true. My friend and her fiance have no idea for just how long the child support payments are going to have to continue, since CA doesn’t either.

    I told them to think of it as a very small savings account which pays out on a monthly basis.

  45. Yay, vasectomy.

  46. How do you get your facebok to tell people whre you have been?

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