Thursday, February 10, 2011

Only Mom…

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  1. noooodddleeess

  2. Looks more like an egg of Alien – you know, like Sigourney Weaver.

  3. That kid is a nut.

  4. I am pretty sure the first one isn’t supposed to be accept. I am thinking the person is trying to say expect.

  5. So it is funny that Alexander tried to correct him, but was wrong himself.

  6. No, Alexander was right. It is “accept”.

    Even funnier that you tried to correct someone who corrected someone, but you were wrong yourself.

  7. jaxmagicman- You fail.

    Except means to not include. Accept means to agree to, allow, or admit something.

  8. Maybe I am confused on what the orginial poster is trying to say. It looks like they are trying to say “fuck being right…it is overrated when someone doesn’t expect it.”

    Why would someone have to accept someone being right? I don’t get it. I guess it most be an area thing.

  9. The picture is supposed to be a model of an oriole nest. It’s from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (big surprise, there…seeing as how it’s an oriole nest).

  10. I’ve been to that zoo before! I was like six, and I even have a picture of me and my old friend Faith in it! Oh man those were the times… Too bad I’ll think of balls whenever I look at the photo again.

  11. “Why would someone have to accept someone being right?”

    Maybe Beau meant that people don’t believe that he’s right?

  12. Lol at 8 not accepting 7 and 6 as being right.

  13. I’ll never forget the time I mistakenly bought Granny a neck massager instead of a rubber shaker…

    She was really pissed off, she’d been looking forward to heaving that plastic 12 inch vibrating version of Tony Blair into herself for weeks.

  14. I have a picture crawling out of that testicle too.

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