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  1. KingNeckbeard,
    You either mean ‘the women are’ or ‘the woman is’. Maybe I’m fucking up the species, but hopefully I can help you stop fucking up the English language while I’m at it. =)

  2. @kingneckbeard
    Men would be useless without women.
    Women are the only reason societies have been able to be societies, and not just packs of people or nomadic herds. good luck asshole.

  3. I love how there’s a Jeremy, Kyle and Trish(a) in this thread. The cosmos align…

  4. @Kiwi

    I had a teacher named Tara Dick… and a friend named Michael Hunt.. he wouldn’t let us call him Mike

  5. The initial post is obviously aimed at her father.

  6. flash in the pants

    LOL. I live in a city where there is a Dr. Richard Head, he goes by Dr. Dick Head and he’s a neurologist.

  7. flash in the pants

    @ Captain Brown Sauce Sandwich

    >>>the worst ive seen is the Free Online Dating Plenty of
    its logo is a symbol of a bull doing a shit with a red line through it….i really really dont get it.

    It means ‘no bullsh*t’. I guess they mean you will not get any on this site as opposed to other online dating sites.

  8. Who the fuck names their kid Jermey? Maybe his mom just forget the other ‘e’ on the birth certificate and was too lazy to get it fixed.

  9. Jermey or Germy?

  10. Jermey’s response really made me laugh.

  11. “Jermey” reminds me of how people name their kid “Steven” because they’ve only ever heard it said and never saw it written.

  12. Jermy ftw.

  13. I think the terrible spelling of Jermey’s name would be less amusing if he didn’t correct Nicole on her spelling of his unfortunate moniker. As though his version is really that much of an improvement…

  14. Nicole, next time make sure you mispell Jermey’s name properly.

  15. Aw, crap – I misspelled ‘misspell’.

  16. Jermey is obviously pronounced as Germ-y.
    Cool name.

  17. Haha, oh and Jermey is most probably pronounced jer-mAy. Which when said out loud doesnt sound so bad at all. BUt Jermey ftw for sure, cant tell tho if he was just being stupid and accidently screwed her over or it was a pre-planned smackdown on his part.


  19. I know two Jeremys that use Jermy/Germy as nicknames. I’m really surprised everyone’s loling so hard.

  20. to the imposter using my real name…
    no one is listening to you. Get a life and a personality so you can stop trying to take someone elses…

  21. JERMEY!???????

  22. It seems that sleeping with a person named “Jermey” could get a little out of hand…and a little STDish.

  23. his name is too close to Jeremy.. aaaaaaaahhhhhh

  24. hahahahha stupid ppl ahahhahaha xD

  25. YYYAAAAYYY funny ppl

  26. God Nicole is a fucking disgrace of a human being. The brothel awaits you skank!


  28. I’m guessing that Jermey is said “Jer-may” rather than “Germy”. Just a hunch. Sounds more like a name to me and with his spelling, rather than hers, it’s how I would pronounce it.

    In any case, Jermey, Brett and Nicole all seem like dickheads to moi.

  29. I know you said moi to make yourself sound classy but you sound like a huge douche

  30. I have officially now read all of lamebook and this is still my favorite on the whole site. Such a perfect ownage of a truly stupid cunt.

  31. dirtylittlepretty

    @ StealthBanana: i think it’s just a way for sexually inadequate guys to get laid here and there, but never have to ‘perform’ too many times for the same as to keep from being labled ‘a lousy fuck’

    maybe I’m just overthinking it ..they are probably just assholes bottom line.

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