Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Couple of Douches



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  1. I love this website, its great for laughs… and its always hilarious when someone defends the douches that end up on lmaebook. but now its my turn.
    I actually think Darren makes sense! He isn’t telling people no never ever ask him for VIP access, just that chasin all the time will be counterproductive for potential candidates, specially when you could deduce that it aint the best moment to come up and ask. Just my 2 cents…

    About the pumped up dude, I’m try to stop projecting hate.

  2. He is in love with himself to bad nobody else feels the same way.

  3. @104 (Jennifer)

    You know you’re not allowed on Lamebook, right? You have to be smarter than the Lamesters to diss ’em.

  4. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    @ 103 mahstar
    Spoken like someone who got into the VIP area.

  5. “He is in love with himself to bad nobody else feels the same way.”

    Pot calling the Camwhore black.

  6. And he can’t even spell weight right..

    Poor guy.

  7. You know Zac’s pick-up line is, “I love me, who do you?”

  8. omg these guys are such wankers!! (im british lool)
    hate ppl like this…

  9. Im a slut

  10. Don’t really see what the problem is with Zac, aside from being a tad egocentric. He enjoys the gym and lifting weights. So what? What exactly is wrong with that? His only real mistake is thinking that other people care what he lifts.

    Nothing wrong with enjoying a good workout, though.

  11. nothing wrong with joking on a douchebag, though.

  12. dude i am NOT the patron of a fucking ballet company

  13. Zach = douche of the year award.

  14. *Zac

  15. I AM the patron of a child/animal pornography company!

  16. I bet he is a mirror man at the gym. The guys that just look in the mirror the entire time. P.S. 295 bench is good if you are a Junior in h/s, otherwise I wouldn’t brag about only being able to bench 295.


  17. lol @ you, #116. 295 is actually quite impressive, learn your shit. doesn’t make that guy any less of a douche though.

  18. Though pointing out its impressiveness makes you one.

  19. just because you took steroids and a dose of estrogen, it doesn’t mean any will give a flying fuck about daily use of illegal suppluments in the gym

  20. baileys. creamy.

  21. Zac probably has 78 pics of himself flexing in the mirror.

  22. Haha. Loser.

  23. what a fucking TOOL!!!!

    He probs gay. ftw

  25. What I find utterly perplexing about Zac is that he loves the feeling of his sleeves but has clearly cut them off the shirt he is wearing in his picture.

  26. Don’t be such douchebags people…read and understand that its TWO douches with different yet egotistical comments. Not the same person.


  28. Thats just 110 kg… not that much…

  29. @ Zac…. WHAT A WANKER!!!! Un-educated cunt!

  30. Haha..I’m FB friends with Darren!! Should I tell him he’s on lamebook??

  31. stephenfryscravat

    @csg I think it is important that you do

  32. double douche

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