Thursday, December 9, 2010

It’s Over!

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  1. lammmmmme.

  2. Yes lame.. but not nearly as lame as some douchebag spamming their shit website on EVERY SINGLE POST.

  3. Everything about it screams fake. Also…

    Dear mattymc,

    The stupid-ass website is already a link in your name. The redundancy of having it be your URL/name link and still having it spammed in every post has merely made me tell people the site has a major virus and that under no circumstances should they EVER visit it. In fact, I told everyone that it resulted in me having to take my computer in and have it completely re-programmed, costing me hundreds of dollars.

    So thanks for allowing me to use my imagination. Next week I’ll come up with another story about how your stupid-ass website caused child porn to be downloaded onto my site, and warn even more people to stay away. I think we’ll see if we can make it the Facebook viral status of the month.


  4. #3 youre a douche, #1 i like your website….if you dont like the site dont go there, herpaderp!!!! i’ll get hypno toad to ge-

  5. I’m a douche? Shocking. I guess I’ll need a new screen name.

  6. hahahahah.. comments are definitely better than the post.

  7. assuming this isn’t fake, that bitch totally baited him. not cool.

  8. hmmmm…

    She takes Physics and he is “…fuckn yo friend…” Yeah, fake.

  9. I’m saying fake. The black bar at the top, which is blue by default, and the tiny icon next to the camera icon suggests this iPhone is jailbroken. And there’s no way in hell a ghetto speaking Blaek female knows how to jailbreak an iPhone. FAEKE!!!

  10. Good ol’ fashioned stereotyping.

  11. Not to mention, the green messages are the ones SENT, not the ones received… thus it would have to have been the person “fuckn yo friend” who posted the screenshot, NOT the one who was cheated on.

  12. This joke is at least 2 years old, it was on a while back. Yes, “Terrell” would have had to be the one to post this, given the text message colors. And also yes, the iphone was jailbroken (which is really easy to do, regardless of anybody’s sexist or racist opinions).

  13. @douchetastic…1. I think they confused your honesty and brilliance for douchieness, 2. I agree and thus literally lol-ed at your comment
    That is all.

  14. It’s things like this that happen in tv and movies that make me hate watching the show. It makes life so unbelievable. Also, I don’t have this phone… but didn’t people say yours are green and the recipients are white? So it would be from his phone this was taken from… right? Now I know about that site, something about making up text messages… now of these seem real anymore.

    Who just says “I cheated” to their significant other? A normal”, sane person would have said, “I cheated on my test”. if that’s what they did.

    I was listening to the radio once and some girl was going to try and win tickets to a concert. To be honest, I think someone doing something like this for tickets is idiotic, but whatever…

    She called up her husband to pretend that their son wasn’t his. She said that she cheated on him a long time ago and she wasn’t sure if he was the father. The goal was to get him to say that it’s okay.

    Instead, he got really angry and admitted to have been sleeping with her sister for the last 6 months.

  15. @MsBuzzkillington- no way! That’s so awkward. But that explains what I heard on the radio the other week. I tuned in when a woman called her husband and was telling him something like she crashed the car and admitted it was her fault to the insurance company– so she and her husband were going to be responsible for all the damages. She was trying not to laugh but her husband was PISSED. He was getting verbally abusive. I was wondering why anybody wuld EVER do something like that.. But now that I read your post, it was probably for tickets or some other crap giveaway that’s worth ruining a marriage over…

  16. I made this account just to say that this is not a fake. I submitted it. It’s 100% real unfortunately, lol

  17. If it’s real then care to explain the green/white issue? Since that seems to be the number one reason for calling fakesies.

  18. I’m able to change the colors for the bubbles using handscent SMS on my android, which I think is on the iphone too.

  19. But isn’t it on a certain side too? I really don’t know, not cool enough to have either phone. But I’m pretty sure androids differ significantly in what you can do to them.

  20. Sorry, when I say side I mean like your text on the right and theirs showing on the left.

  21. This post reminds me of this FML I looked at about a college student who told her boyfriend about how bad she cheated on her math exam and her boyfriend thought she cheated (on him) but he confessed to cheating on her with his female roommate.

    What an FML…. 😐

  22. My plan is to tell my husband/boyfriend that if I ever call with something random, I will call him “bumpkins” or something, and that will be our code word to know that it’s fake and he can play along. That we we can win everything.

  23. That’s actually a really good idea MsBuzzkillington. Never know when that’s needed.

  24. I’m starting to think you are all fake people created by the lamebook guys to make it look like people actually visit this website.

    No wait, that’s just me projecting again.

  25. Actually, we’re all figments of your imagination.

  26. I would hope so.

  27. My boo. Oh lawd…..she be fuckin his friend Traci.

    @MsBuzzkillington I know exactly what show you’re talking aout. I stumbled across it whilst looking up soundboards and prank calls….it was funny until the “oh shit” moment.

    I can’t remember if they tried to make it work or not.

  28. I remember how my second wife first discovered i’d been cheating on her….

    She was chained to the end of the bed and encouraged to watch me hanging out the back of her sister.

  29. I like that you got at least 2 women to marry you

  30. It was the guy in the green who owns the phone. The one in White is a girl. I don’t know why the moderators added the terrell part though, his name is Adrian.

  31. She might have been complaining/talking about her test right before she took it, making “I feel so bad, I cheated…” a perfectly reasonable thing to say to her boyfriend right after leaving the exam.

  32. @30

    “It was the guy in the green who owns the phone”
    (Isn’t that your boyfriend/ex?)

    “The one in the white is a girl” (Isn’t that suppose to be YOU? not a “girl?”)

    Heh, either way, it’s obviously fake… And lame!

  33. I have an Iphone, and I don’t understand what all the confusion is. The green is the owner of the phone, the male. White is the girlfriend “My Boo”. It makes perfect sense to me. The male admitted to “f*ckn” Traci. As far as it being real or fake, I don’t know. If it is real though…. damn!

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