Friday, December 17, 2010

Short but so Sweet

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  1. Love it.

  2. Yeah. Maybe if he hadn’t been commenting on his comment.
    So he can practice self love
    I bet he’s the one who liked his comments too.

  3. Who gloats about a tiny penis?

  4. Ha, don’t care, thought that was funny.

  5. to his credit, even if it were a large penis, it’d still be a relatively small package.

    also, i think it made it better that he said “damn, i’m smooth” afterwards, ’cause i think he was acknowledging his previous comment as a “hiii-oh!” moment and as being tongue-in-cheek, as opposed to being serious (and thus, a douchebag) about it.

    i like it!

  6. Stever–someone who doesn’t take himself so seriously on FB that he’d pass up a great joke just out of vanity.

  7. Oh. That makes sense. I’m just being defensive about my own tiny penis.

  8. You know, I like when people can make fun of themselves. Good job Patrick, your small package can come in me anytime.

  9. It’s okay, Stever. Just find a small box for your small package and everybody’s happy.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ahhh Stever you have finally revealed why you need to overcompensate by being first on every post.

  11. Every time you let Stever get a firstie a puppy dies… :p

  12. wow, i actually laughed at this one, thank you lamebook you have made my day!

  13. Wow, he totally admitted to having a small penis.

    Then he ‘one upped’ the liking your own status thing. He actually commented on this own comment. That’s bad.

  14. ohh. it’s not just the people on my friends list who run to their computer to change their status to a quote from the big bang theory as soon as it airs…

    good to know.

  15. I think he probably meant to say “Can you be the small thing my good package comes in” but screwed it up, and his second comment was sarcastic referring to his mistake. Maybe.

  16. LOL as if this was print screened on here.
    @wandr he didn’t like his own comments other people did
    @massromance as you can see i didn’t run to my computer, it clearly states “via mobile web” I LOVE BBT

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Sounds like you let Patrick’s small package come in you.

  18. During this festive season I often like to throttle one out and separate my Merry Muck into small packages, which i then post to all my neighbours.

    It makes me feel a bit like Santa…I empty my sacks and in so doing I spread a little Yuletide joy.

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