Thursday, December 16, 2010


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  1. Win.

  2. That’s some mighty stale pasta

  3. Aaron is the kind of person that says what we’re all thinking, but too afraid to say out loud.

  4. Stolen from a comedian, but definitely still funny.

  5. I like.

    It reminds of how much I hate it when I have a shower when I have a runny nose. There is always that time towards the end of the shower where you have to wipe your nose with your hand. Then you have to wipe your hand somewhere but everywhere has just been washed, and so the only logical solution is to eat some snot. I hate that.

  6. I have no sarcastic, judgemental statement for this, it’s simply awesome.

    Calamity I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking that. I hate when people say ‘it’s like he’s saying what we’re thinking!’. wtf kind of comedian says whatever stupid jokes pop into the audiences’ mind, if they were funny, the audience would be made up of comedians. Don’t compensate when someone else is funny, you thought nothing of the sort.

  7. i do the same with my m&m’s…

  8. That’s eccentric

  9. i forget what it’s from, but this is extremely old. i first saw it six or seven years ago.

  10. I used to regularly do this with Skittles, from 2003-2005. I am sure I started doing it because I heard this joke.

    I didn’t send the champion back to the company, though. I just ate it.

  11. That was pure win immolation .. The fraud has been exposed, Aaron blurry-surname !

  12. That was from

  13. I’m thinking this is from Jack Handy maybe…? But I’m sure I heard it back in the 90s.

  14. Replace “m&m” with “male Chinese baby” and you have discovered why our newest Asian superpower is so tenacious. Jackie Chan is undefeated.

  15. Like, thumbs up, bravo, kudos, well done, congrats, FTW.

    No no no just fuck off you unoriginal, insipid waste of naughty juice.

  16. Nah this doesn’t tickle my fancy. I’m bored – how about some Christmas music? 🙂

  17. I’d like to try that game.

  18. It’s cruel for the M&M. It draws out the torture and they just get eaten in the end anyway

    Go ahead, Curly… Sing the joy of receiving. I’m in a good mood!

  19. This battle is much more epic with Skittles, Reeses Pieces, or Junior Mints.

  20. I read this same thing years ago. It’s old internet. Aaron is not clever. The end.

  21. @boomstick yes u are correct. almost 90% of the lamebook stuff is people repeating things that have already been said, trying to put it off as their own. all fakes on here.

  22. It’s funny too, because maybe 40% of the people mentioning the fake have names stolen from movies or possibly songs (not sure, just know if seen it somewhere)

  23. Replace m&m with the one germ who survives the soap attack.

  24. @jonjones yikes what crawled up your butt and died?

  25. jonjones posts a lot. He thinks he’s funny, but most of the time, he’s not.

  26. jonjones is just waiting for his ruca

  27. this isn’t even original to Craigslist: it’s a letter from 2005, first printed in the English magazine Viz. I actually use a lot of their toptips and Letterbocks as status updates too. Everyone steals their shit: it’s too funny not to share.

  28. Aaron, you should try the spin off game, ‘Candy Drops’ (TM)

    You insert as many peanut M&M’s into your chosen female as possible and you and your friends then bet on which colour will fall out of her last!

    I’m joking, that would be sick…’s Skittles we use.

  29. Aaron stole the idea from 4chan. It’s a copypasta that’s been around FOREVER.

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