Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Win!

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  1. Wow… That last was really mean.

  2. Steven is an asshole.

  3. I thought at first Steven was going to slam someone using abortion as birth control. Turns out he’s just an asshole.

  4. Fuck this number thing. People message a number, and then people post it on the main page saying ‘Oh, you’re so special to me I love you!’ so nobody can tell who they’re referring to, and then the person comments going ‘Thanks, I love the message!’, the absolute thick fucking cretins, what the fuck is the point? Just use their name!

  5. @Hobo. i totally agree. not only that, but it takes up mu whole damn news feed. i’m so sick of seeing all that crap.

  6. I have not yet seen this number phenomenon.

    Totally agree with Tyler though, that new profile is an absolute cluttered mess.

  7. ugh.. saw the response to #1 coming a mile away… yawn. shouldn’t have been put up.

  8. I hope someone buys Michael Jackson’s skeleton.

    Drunk pregnant woman make the race stronger. Bonus for cigarettes.

    “#292: You suck cock better than Jesus.”
    “#13: Just because you ate my shit doesn’t mean we’re dating.”
    “#73: Thanks for aborting it.”
    “#292: I love you, sis.”

  9. I generally remove all tags in photos of me anyway. And the ones I leave up, I limit to like 5 people on my friends list.

    I like the new set up. I do not like the fucking numbers thing. If you feel you MUST participate, do it as a note, don’t take up my entire news feed with random numbers and comments about people I don’t know and don’t care to know.

  10. hahaha i love how people complain about the numbers thing: ‘ohhh no you’re taking up my newsfeed that’s 99% irrelevant to me anyway with MORE irrelevant stuff’
    at the end of the day, i don’t play it, but i’m not going to pretend i use facebook for more ‘noble’ causes than spying on people… no-one bothered by a facebook news feed really has much of a life, myself included haha.

  11. Gerry – brilliant.

  12. i thought adam was just paying homage to the number, but the fact that he was participating in that dumb game makes it less funny. charlie’s response allllmost warranted a giggle, but not quite. it did remind me of something a person said at work about getting a “kool-aid mustache,” which i had never heard before…and don’t care to again.

    and gerry is awesome.

  13. Ahhh, missbaker, sick image. Thanks for that one.

  14. Someone who has been pregnant 5 times and has never had a kid? That spells “cheap back alley abortions”

  15. @Hawkbit

    I’ve been pregnant five times and every time was a miscarriage. I took very good care of myself and didn’t do anything wrong, I simply cannot carry a child through term.

  16. That last one is completely awful. If he says it’s God’s way of telling her then I’m assuming they are miscarriages and not abortions. Lots of people out there don’t deserve the privilege of becoming parents but those with fertility or pregnancy issues don’t automatically fall in that category.

    If those losses were miscarriages, not abortions then Steven and Gerry are assholes. If they were abortions however then that girl needs to get her tubes tied.

  17. #1 Wow, people are still fucking making these jokes? See, these sorts of jokes are only funny if the shit is true. The kid’s father that accuse MJ of doing shit, admitted he wanted to ruin Michael’s career, and get his money. Then the daddy ran off and changes his identity. In short, MJ was innocent, you fuck.tards. Go fucking die.

    #2 periods are like Kanye West. “Yo, 6, I’mma let chu finish and all, but 9 had one of the best spots in numerical equations of all time. OF ALL TIME.”

    #3 Tyler you suck, that wasn’t funny at all…it was stupid.
    #4 🙁

  18. Oh yes, the numbers game. All i’ve fucking seen the last 2 days. And it’s catching!

    As for Steven, he’s a cunt. And I don’t use that word.

  19. Wow, Keona, calm down. You know Michael Jackson can’t be offended by the jokes right? He’s dead. And if he isn’t going to be offended by the jokes about him, why should you be?

  20. I get offended at people disrespecting any dead person, famous or not. Let alone when they do it repeatedly.

    Some people don’t like jokes about the dead, and some could give two shits less about them being disrespected. All I said was my opinion, albeit a strong one. I don’t rant like that often. I’m not sure if you’re wanting an apology or for rants to never exist in the world ever again, or for people to just keep opinions to themself. I thought sites such as this have the purpose of leaving opinions on the posts.

  21. Haha! Calm down! It’s not worth getting stressed about! That’s all I am saying. You seem to be working yourself up over nothing. And I thing calling the people who make the jokes “fucktards who should go die” is more offensive than the jokes themselves. But I don’t really care either way *shrug*

  22. Sorry, I’ll put my foot in my mouth. PMS make me nuts…kind of. >.<

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