Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paying Up!

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  1. derp

  2. No whitney, crack was the death of you.

  3. Who wants to take a dump on my chest and rub it in?

  4. Why not raise your child properly? By being there for them, not sticking them in fucking daycare with a bunch of strangers.
    Hey Whitney? There’s horrible people like me out here. Lots of them.

    And see #3? He could well be a childcare worker.

  5. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

  6. Seriously, Bro?

  7. Hey guys, how’s your day/night going ?

  8. ATM, I have explosive diarrhea, no need to rub, I just spray you.

  9. #8 That would be great advert, for a touch-free carwash.

  10. Anne you’re a fucking turd. Try raising a family off one income you brain dead unfunny little douche

  11. My biggest bill is… Bill Crystal he ballooned in weight between City Slickers one and two.

  12. daycare is actually really beneficial for children, as long as they are attending a decent one. which in that case, would be pretty costly. the best daycare in my area costs $165 a week.

  13. #10, I raise my kids on a single income. Most of my friends do, too. My brother-in-law does, as well, and he saved $50 per month after his wife stopped working. It was more expensive for her to work thanks to daycare, insurance, gas, etc. If you really sit down and figure it out, it’s actually very possible. But we have to figure out our priorities. What’s more important, the time with the children, or fancy cars, houses, and clothes?

  14. #13, Congrats for your big cool brother in law. Did you know everyone makes the same wages and every child has two parents in their life. What you have to realize is that for some, daycare is a necessity.

    I have a confession to make, I used to go to daycare and I hated it. I still saw my parents every day, and still see them frequently. We would be able to go on vacations and see various parts of the world because they were able to afford it. Looking back, the thing that had the smallest effect on me was daycare.

    As well, daycare is not all bad, you see it helps many kids socialize. They make friends there and actually want to be there. Just because you’re a parent, it doesn’t mean you can never let go of your kids hand.

  15. #13, seriously. He saves a whole $50/month? Guess you can drop that insurance and there would be no more gas for you to use. What shitty ass job did his wife have that saving $50 on daycare actually was a better option than a job, money wise. And what makes you think they could drop insurance and the wife and kid would never go to the park or something. Are you going to say when the kids are old enough for school, they should be homeschooled to continue saving on gas/insurance but also get to keep taxes since they’re teaching their own kids?


  16. I think what he meant “shut up” was that the daycare was costing them 50 more than what the wife was making monthly. In other words if they had two small children in day care at 165 a week per kid (330 a week) and she was making less than 330 a week it would make more sense for her NOT to work than it would for her to work simply to pay daycare. So yes, it makes perfect sense.

  17. Ripp3r, I think daycare had a rather profound effect on you that you don’t realize, because you seem like an asshole.

    And Shut Up, are you looking for Trouble? (It’s an old joke). They didn’t save $50 on daycare alone, you idiot. They saved $50 per month AFTER she stopped working versus the amount of money they spent on all the expenses they had in order for her to work. You know, expenses like daycare, car payment for a second car, insurance and gas and maintenance for the second car, etc. It was mentioned before that good daycare was $165 per week. Theirs was around $1,600 per month for three kids, or about $135 per child per week.

    And what’s with the “can’t go to the park” crap? I guess people aren’t allowed to walk, or ride bikes, or buses, even if they don’t work? Everyone HAS to have a car and pay insurance and use gas to get anywhere, right? Homeschool is a stupid idea, although public school isn’t much better anymore. At least, not in the US.

    I’m only saying that it’s possible in many cases where people don’t even consider it because they “have to work to make ends meet.” Sure, not every situation is ideal, and there are people that must use daycare, but if we really sit down and look at the options, do we really NEED all the stuff? Does the stuff make us better people? Anne is right in that a lot of parents just leave their kids and go work because it’s easy, or because they prefer owning nice toys. I’m willing to bet that Whitney here would be fine if she went to a single income.

  18. Eh who cares, you’re all poor.

  19. beatus, let us not walk the path of temptation, instead, let us mentally skull fuck the shit out of these retarded little window licking inbred goat fucking cunts.

    @ #15, fuck. off. you should have been a period you spineless little virgin. although, i say little, i imagine you’re actually quite ugly, hairy, overweight and middleaged.

  20. Daycare absolutely makes no financial sense unless you are making good money. And it does not make much moral sense either, to let SOMEONE ELSE raise you children.

  21. I went to daycare, I like to think I turned out all right… Actually, it was probably good for me, making me meet new kids and be social.
    Anyway, my parents had no choice. In some situations, daycare’s the best option.

  22. Daycare costs might be comparable to one parent’s salary now, but then when she wants to reenter the workforce in several years it’s not as easy. I know plenty of couples who (wisely imho) decided to stick with the daycare option even though daycare cost MORE than the mother’s salary in their case. (For those several years only!)

    And anyway, I think daycare is better for both the child and the parent than being stuck together all day. People need variety — both the parents and the children.

    I’d also like to share an anecdote. I was talking to a doctor (GP) in a social situation who said that when parents come to her worried that their child isn’t yet speaking at age two, she tells them to send the child to daycare. (And it works.) People need socialization. Also, people need to mix with people their own age — three-year-olds can’t just be around adults all day, it’s not good for their development.

  23. tl;dr

  24. Why o why are a bunch of old ugly soccer-mums here discussing the pros and cons of daycare? Please kindly piss off to and give me back my lamebook. Thank you.

  25. ^ word, nigga

  26. in summation, unless you really hate your kids and want them to turn out like ripper or laila, don’t send them off to be molested by strangers.
    my head feels like it’s gonna explode into a zillion fragments of pain and hangover.

  27. Don’t be hating, you know I’m pretty cool.

  28. I wouldn’t lend you money or anything, but I wouldn’t drive across more than 3 lanes of traffic to run you down, either.

  29. @ MS. We cant be lucky enough for your head to explode into a zillion fragments.

  30. ^and this is your genius fucking input, is it?
    you’re a turd.

  31. Why, MsAnne, that practically makes us friends!

  32. alright then. two lanes of traffic, but only if the curb isn’t too steep. i wouldn’t want to fuck up my rims.

  33. Best sort-of-friendship ever.

  34. can i borrow your car?

  35. Okay, but i has a full tank of gas right now. When I get it back, I’m expecting an empty tank a at least 3 dents and/or scratches. Since we’re “friends” and all.

  36. ‘get it back’?
    your other friends must be spoiling you.

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