Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tough Times

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  1. Name blur fail.

  2. @Lexi ~ I noticed that, too. Hahahah.

  3. Yeah, Whoever does the blurring needs to check their work better.

  4. That’ll teach Ms. Brady to overshare.

  5. Cleaning your own vomit while naked and crying sounds like a fun night.

  6. It’s been a long-standing question how Lamebook chooses which entries they will show on their site and which get trashed. Well, I have a theory based on the name-fail….they close their eyes and randomly choose them.

    I would even bet the position states: Hiring illiterate and blind people. No reading or visual abilities necessary.

    Of course, those who are illiterate or blind would need someone to read the job posting for them.

  7. I see James read tfln also.

  8. gross, but sexy.

  9. I hear that, James

  10. necrophiliac64258

    mmmmmmm that ashley sounds like she would be alot of fun to root

  11. Ashley just described every family reunion i’ve ever had…except for grand pappys funeral.. I didn’t bother showering for that.

  12. Ashley sounds like one of those dead-end branches clinging stubbornly to the tree of evolution.

  13. And Ashley just happened to have her phone in her hand to update facebook while she was sharting, vomiting, coughing, slipping, crying and cleaning? That’s devotion.

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