Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Win

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  1. Derek is definately gay.

  2. Probably the whole drama club in my hs was one big orgy. Then again looking at the girls in that club were not much to brag about. Might as well have sex with men.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    Yes, sounds like Derek has been thinking about naked men in locker rooms a little too much…

  4. Codename Dutchess

    Derek is obviously playing hard to get, but go ahead and stay in the “backstage” (closet) if it makes you feel better.

  5. I think Derek has an excellent point.

  6. Codename Dutchess

    Because there is so much gay sex that goes on in the locker room…

  7. This post is lacking win on both counts.

  8. 15 women who think you’re gay

  9. I think Derek is an unathletic wanna-be pussy.

  10. Derek’s post works best if you read it in the voice of the guy from Will and Grace

  11. I think Derek is a sleazy rapist.

  12. Who cares if the girls think you’re gay? You get to see them all naked.

  13. …which is helpful when you are a sleazy rapist.

  14. I think everyone in the world is gay

  15. He did call himself a boy and the rest , men. Either way, faggot.

  16. spanking eachother in the locker room is gay

  17. Spanking each other OUTSIDE the locker room is gay and exhibitionism.
    Beatus, I don’t think you get to see the girls naked backstage…

  18. I remember what the drama club in my high school looked like, I would be scared to be back stage with any of them if I was a man.

  19. Derek is right American Eggball is a bit gay, they dress up in body armour and helmets so they don’t get hurt and then stop the game everytime someone gets tackled… American Puffball.

    That said any man who acts is gay too Ian Mckellen, John Barrowmen, Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone to name but a few, so Derek most likely enjoys having a sperm snake in his belly too.

  20. The only straight guys who refer to themselves as “boy” are ones who enjoy cock….

  21. ^not all. black fellows love being called ‘boy’. you should try it sometime, they’ll be your friend for life.

  22. Damn right, boy is the new nigga. MsAnne, I’ll admit, my day was lacking in racism, this mildly amused me, and for that, I thank you.

  23. it’s weird. my moralistic ideal to not be a racist fucker has been totally overshadowed by my desire to piss yt off.

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