Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Mix Up

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  1. Only took him 6 hours to work that out… awesome.

  2. ugh, that one hurt my head. i can’t stand people who have that bad of grammar. hell, this whole site hurts my head.

  3. @bowlervtec

    Then why are you even here? This site has a lot of these sort of things on here.

  4. some of it is funny. however this site has been extra lame recently.

  5. Bring_back_fingering

    If I had a pound for every cunt who said the site has been extra lame recently from about a month after Lamebook started then I’d have enough to pay for a stripper to be rimming right now so that I would not have to read cunts complaining about how Lamebook is extra lame recently.


  6. Bring_back_fingering

    *rimming me

    Although I could just pay a stripper to be rimming in general, despite the fact it wouldn’t be so fun.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    fucking Australian retard…
    still, at least he’s rooting two girls called Ingrid, fair do’s to him.

  8. If she’ll rim for money, she’s a whore, not a stripper.

  9. “i can’t stand people who have that bad of grammar”

    Nothing says moron like an unintentional oxymoron.

  10. @ slicingupeyeballs, you’re fucking an Australian who’s retarded? Whatever floats your goat I guess.

  11. ^in his defense, retarded Australians are in a distinct majority.

  12. ““i can’t stand people who have that bad of grammar”

    Nothing says moron like an unintentional oxymoron.”

    this coming from someone named “fuckingadude”.

    the grammar in my previous sentence was fine. i think you need to take some english classes.

  13. If i had a dime for everyone who points out grammar mistakes, id be having sex like I normally do, with a monetary transaction

  14. ^No. Idiot.

  15. Ooops. Previous comment at #12

  16. That wasn’t even an oxymoron.

  17. “Idiot” works for # 13 as well, Hawkbit.

    bowlervtec, “…that bad of grammar”? Fuck. Even in whatever podunk town you live in, I’ll bet that 70% of people you stop on the street will tell you that your comment is an abuse of the English language. An abuse of the anal tearing variety. Also, learn about irony, so that you don’t look like a dweeb when attempting to insult fuckingadude.

  18. yeah, I think he’s doing a troll, Bacchante. You need to take off those rose-coloured glasses and stop looking for the best in people.
    You’ll only end up disappointed and bitter.

  19. Looking for the best in people, hey? I looked, I saw ignorance.
    If that’s the best in him, then I believe we as a species are fucked.

    But maybe you’re right and he is a troll. An apathetic one, but a troll nonetheless.

    No matter the cause, I DO see disappointment and bitterness in my future. That, and an unhealthy reliance on calming, numbing substances to get me through the day.

  20. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy. For instance, the federal government-mandated RDIs of vodka is completely non-feasiblen so I just went ahead and wrote up my own set of guidelines. I am now well-under the daily limit, and I honestly feel fantastic.

  21. *non-feasible *hiccup*

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