Friday, August 20, 2010

Despicable Disciples

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  1. I wonder what they did at that camp to learn how to stop doing something as natural as masturbating.

  2. They learned the value of circle jerk. Its not masturbating if someone else is doing it for you.

  3. That gives “Cumbaja” a whole new meaning I suppose…

  4. I wonder what the merit badge looks like?

  5. Probably some phallic shaped object with asterisks (for the cussing) around it. “S-wet dreams”.

  6. When i finally left Jesus camp i felt all Glory in my holey.

    Jesus turned out fine did he?! He grew up to be a revolutionary firebrand intent on sowing discord and causing as much upheaval as possible. If he were alive today he would be a Burberry baseball cap wearing Asbo scrat.

    God obviously LOVES gays, look how many he has working in the church for him.

  7. You know, I think Dustin would be fine being his own drummer.

  8. people like dustn are the reason i got into music in the first place.

  9. What’s wrong with Christians saying f*ck?
    Besides, Dustin is a ‘cristian,’ whatever that is.

  10. That’s like christian light…

  11. Did you know that fuck stands for “fornication under the consent of the king” ?

  12. @excruciasm
    Yes, we did know that.

  13. “i have a dick like jesus” is a lyric from a song (“my dick” by mickey avalon)
    I’ve always been confused by that lyric, how do we know that jesus had a big dick?

  14. Wow… he is thanking God for quitting masturbation? I thank god everyday he gave me a hand with which to masturbate.

  15. @ excuciasm & @ makster that is merely an urban legend

  16. BTW props to Nattasha she is my hero of the morning

  17. Fuck stands for “For unlawfull carnal knowledge” not “fornication under the consent of the king”

  18. and this is where i look two posts above mine and realized my 8th grade english teacher was probably a douche that didn’t know what he was talking about.
    haha (: I still beleive it.

  19. @17 Why no, I didn’t.

    And I have new kids. Four to be precise. How fab is that? We’re off to chant our thanks to the big purple head a bit later. Lovely day for it, don’t you think?

  20. Fuck doesn’t ‘stand for’ anything. It’s most likely from Dutch, German or one of the Scandinavian languages. Why do people believe these stupid etymology stories that are so obviously made up after the word’s been in use for aaages?

  21. Did you know that Queen Victoria was the first person to use the word Cunt? She used to call it her “cunny” for Prince Albert. They would then say, “oh I feel like a cunt” over the 20 ft dinner table and no one knew what they meant. She *was* rather uptight. But not with her cunny.

  22. Did you know that the word ‘pussy’ first came to be applied to female genitalia because it was common knowledge in Britain in the 1820s that the Prince Regent, later to become King George IV, would violate the palace cats when he couldn’t be arsed to go out and hire a prostitute?

  23. all i know is, the prince regent has been popping up on these lamebook posts far too often for it not to be some kind of conspiracy….!!

  24. @ silfurkex – No I didn’t! See, the interweb is a very edumacational thingy whatsit! Cats? Really? I bet he had the scabbiest sausage in all Christendom!

  25. I thought it stood for Foam Underneath Console Kind. I guess you learn something new everyday.

  26. Ashley, he’s not dead – he’s a zombie; c’mon, everyone knows that…

    Megan, you’re mom is wrong: God created man in his image, every man I know is a fan of lesbians, therefore God must be a fan of lesbians too. Ah causality…

  27. lol @ comments!

    now there’s a syllogism i can buy in to!

  28. Uhm… What’s up with Dan, I bet he doesn’t even know where to begin with on this post… Also, why anyone proposed a mosque near WTC? Does that seem in any way a good idea to anyone? Nuff’ said.

  29. lol at nattasha (even though she has 2 t’s in her name).

  30. I don’t want to start a fucking stupid massive Lamebook argument, but if you don’t want this mosque to be built BLOCKS AWAY from Ground Zero, good job on taking the message ‘be intolerant to all Muslims’ from 9/11.

    If you want to flame me for this comment, I’ll be over in the corner, jacking off over my sheer ignorance of world events and religion.

    Also FUCK OFF, Ashley! SINCE WHEN? 😐

  31. I’m with you all the way re your first paragraph, Hobes, and I’ll come and join you in that corner.

  32. Sweet, word. Guess it’s a party.

  33. I’m with Word and Hobo and I’m not going into any fucken corner … unless of course there’s booze,sex and drugs in the corner then sign me up.

  34. Buns, I just like the idea of being in a corner with Hobes doing our thing. I’d do it out in the open with him, too.

    I’m not ashamed of my opinions or my sexual proclivities.

  35. @ijkl0marissa

    if Jesus was white like he is portayed everywhere then chances are he had a average sized dick. But if he was black…….. lol

  36. @kyleM you made my day 😀

  37. Christian teens fuck like bunnies, don’t kid yourself. So the camp counselor is teaching young people not to masturbate, but yet have no problem overcharging parents to send their kids to this snake handling racket.

    Oh and how hard is it to download a toolbar spellchecker?

  38. When the hell is “septumber”? Did I miss a month?

    Also, since Bryce chose to scream his status via all caps and excessive usage of exclamation points, I’m going to assume he is actually being sarcastic. Kinda makes more sense if you read it that way huh?

  39. I wish people would learn that Muslim does not = terrorist.

  40. beckpatton, maybe on the same day that people learn that someone with different religious views to you does not = someone to hate and ridicule, and those crappy spoof movies do not = a good way to spend ten dollars and an hour and a half, and the sooner you learn that the sooner they’ll stop making those goddamn crappy spoof movies for Christ’s sake!

    ie never.

  41. @ 21 Pseudonym – no Queen Victoria wasn’t the first person to use the word cunt! It’s an oooold Anglo-Saxon word, was Chaucer was already using it in the 1300s – it’s in the Canterbury Tales (The Miller’s Tale, line 3276) “And prively he caughte hire by the queynte” which basically means that ‘in private he grabbed her cunt’.

  42. ^ yes, but he didn’t say cunt. Just sayin’…

  43. What kind of name is Dustn, anyway? Is it jut an illiterate Dustin?

    Bryce seems to be the kind of guy that would successfully graduate a gay conversion camp *rolls eyes* Though I’m happy for him that he’s stopped cussing and jacking off, I guess… =S

  44. Becase the language changed, isn’t that obvious? And the actual word ‘cunt’ as we spell it was in use by the Elizabethans, as well as ‘cunny’.

  45. @arialist
    I think if you’ll read the whole thread of comments, you’ll realise that Pseudonym was joking. Of course Queen Victoria wasn’t the first person to say cunt (in fact, I doubt she said it at all). We all know that, just as we (nearly) all know that fuck isn’t some sort of acronym. I said that I couldn’t believe that people fell for these made up etymologies, so Pseudonym made up an etymology for comic effect.

  46. P.S. Would you also like to point out that George IV didn’t shag cats?

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