Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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  1. FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ‘holy shit’ is right.

  3. God bless America

  4. This is what lamebook was made for! FTW!!!

  5. Check and fucking mate for Joe.

  6. only half decent reply I can think of is

    “Came in it? That’s nothing – I lived inside that fucker for 9 months.”

  7. Or

    ‘Yeah but I bet you never stretched it like I did.”

  8. GI Joe blowed into mom’s hole. Bahaha.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well touché mother fucker, touché.

  10. I see what you did there.

  11. Fuck you, dad, just fuck you!
    No son, I fucked your mom, and now you.

  12. “YOU FUCK ON ME?”

  13. awww…. dayumm!

  14. Dad’s a douche, right down to the whole squirting fluids in the vag part.

    greenstrings, the babies don’t develop in the vagina. cute comeback though.

    kids, seriously, stop friending your parents on facebook.

  15. I know the difference between a womb and a vag.

    I was hoping people would take for granted the fact that when making jokes, nothing actually has to make sense.

  16. Anorexicapanda, I don’t know why…but your comment made me giggle the most.

  17. I dunno, greenstings. Anybody can make a joke that doesn’t make sense. “Two horses walk into a bar. ‘What can I get you?’ asks the bartender. The horses reply, ‘Nothing, this is a stick-up!'” Makes no sense…not funny.

    Your second attempt at a comeback was funny, though, the stretching one.

  18. This got me out of hibernation, Joe if you’re still single, I will let you cum in my vagina!

  19. flip, really? Because of his one mildly amusing comment? You know he’s more than likely an epic loser, right? You can have him.

  20. What a classy, classy family. I think they may even be klasseigh.

  21. @lllllb I know a chick who completely changed the name of her spelling from Ashley to Ashleigh….it’s fucktarded…your comment just remeinded me of the dumb cunt. So I thought it was funny. 🙂

  22. The funniest thing about this is how Joe warns his son to watch what he says to him, and what he says on Facebook – then HE goes and says what he says. Um, hello, Joe.

  23. blondebimbo, I know an Ashleigh. She’s not a dumb cunt, though. She’s awesome. Anyway, I see nothing wrong with spelling it that way.

  24. lametothemin, I think you’re missing the point.

    A joke must have an understandable punchline or pun, and I’m sure you at least understood what was originally meant, I mean there ain’t that much of a stretch between vagina and womb.

    Horses don’t actually talk, but it’s perfectly reasonable to expect people to ignore that minor detail when telling anthropomorphic jokes, in the same way that I’d hope people would ignore the fact that fetus’ don’t actually gestate in vaginas.

  25. There’s certainly a huge stretch between womb and vagina during childbirth, greenstrings.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Please, let’s not turn these arguments into a thing.

  27. Dukey, no arguments from me, only opinions. And an attempt at humour. If it’s not interpreted as such, well…

  28. To be fair to perv it is quite an unavoidable pun.

  29. I call fakesies.

  30. @word, my issue is the changing of the original spelling to make herself unique. And trust, bitch is a duuumb cunt.

  31. @greenstrings – I laughed at your joke. I also know babies don’t develop in the vagina. I get the wider point though and agree that Tyler still wins 🙂

  32. While we’re semi on the subject off odd names…my friend’s girlfriend had a baby a few months ago, they named him… Allin. Oh yes…surely I thought it might be Allen. I just laughed later and kept my mouth shut.

    I also oddly know another friend who’s girlfriend is named Allyn. I actually think that’s a pretty name…the former, is just dumb. Ashleigh is unique, but also a nice name.

  33. I’m an Ashleigh… it is actually the most popular spelling in Austalia (I don’t know any Australian “Ashley’s” personally) I know it is a bit odd in the US – when I went there no one had really heard of that spelling. Just thought I’d add 🙂

  34. In my small town of Betoota, Aus, the mother to my child spells her name ‘hashlueigh’. Her dad’s my uncle from the south of Tasmania. We like to keep it in the family..

  35. Taylz – I’m in Northern Ireland. Ashleigh is a popular spelling of your name here too.

  36. hahahahahaha! WTF!

  37. I used to know an Ashleigh, but she changed her name to Kate…

  38. How odd.. I always assumed ‘Ashleigh’ was the girl spelling and ‘Ashley’ was the boy spelling. That’s how it went with every single person I’ve met with that name..

    On a side-note.. how completely ridiculous is the name ‘Leighah’ (as in ‘Leah’). I’ve known two Leighahs..

  39. Oh, also.. Joe is awesome. Even though he’s probably a douche irl

  40. Kyle obviously hasn’t LEARNT the lesson that a POINT can only be WELL MADE if the paragraph contains sporadic use of RANDOM CAPITALS. And also the mention of YOUR MOTHER’S VAGINA.

    That’s how everyone holds their conversations these days.

  41. Here in California the most popular spellings are Ashley and Ashlee….I’d heard of the other one, but I think people who fully change the spelling of their names are obnoxious. And she has some other qualities (Like posting her entire life on FB, or saying something, then when people ask what’s wrong just going “Oh Text me I’ll tell you.” She’s also a pathological liar and tried to convince people she’d been in a coma for 3 months, was married, and had a gun held to her head at a school shooting…..we attended the same school.

  42. I hate Joe; he left his kid, then tries to win an argument with him VIA FACEBOOK! (see Hobo, it works). god knows why they friended each other 😛

  43. …and greenstrings, I liked your vagina joke. My suspension of disbelief is pretty intact

  44. I would have loved for mum to stumble upon this exchange. This could have been epic.

  45. See this is why i always advocate giving one’s mum a good hard solid length of one’s cock.

    Nothing helps you get over a father complex better then knowing your cock is bigger and he shoots quicker than Billy the Kid.

  46. Fake or not, this one made me happy. You go, Joe!

    Next time Tyler Main there sees his mom, he’s going to picture daddy jizz. He might even show her his peen just for manly reassurance that his is bigger (or at least the same size), as dear old dad.

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