Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You’re INFO it

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  1. Why a curling iron??!!

  2. ksleeve – I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Brock wants to also give his butt hair a perm while he’s down there?
    And Ali I think you’re reading too far into it sister, I think they are only trying to tell you that they’re too cheap to buy their OWN batteries.

  3. Stacy totally ripped off Bill Maher. He had that commercial before one of his episodes.

    Hasn’t Brock seen South Park? If you hold your farts in, you’ll spontaneously combust.

  4. A curling iron is just about the perfect size and shape for sealing a butt. Ouch.

  5. For some reason this reminds me of the family movie, Human Centipede.

  6. Oh, such a classic.

  7. For some reason, Brock makes me think of Pokémon. That’s onixeptable.

  8. Ah, Human Centipede. What a fantastic coming-of-age story about acceptance. Everybody should be required to see it. Arguably one of the best childrens’ films of the decade.

  9. I do believe that the film Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a fun romantic comedy for the entire family, and it might even beat Human Centipede.

    Black Christmas is the best Christmas film of all time though. I strongly recommend it. For all ages. 🙂

  10. I feel bad for really wanting to make a joke about Muhammad Ali and vibrators…

  11. I agree with Nicole. Brock, you might want to take the epic win from Mr. Denzel Washington in “Man On Fire.” Nothing says, “seal that hole shut” better than a fucking car lighter to cauterize it.

    And finally, Ali, just buy some new batteries. Jeethus Christhs.

  12. Bitch be lyin’. The TSA might be down with some groping but I’m fairly certain any of them would draw the line at full-on man-handling some strange woman’s slime-covered vibrator just to mooch a few lousy batteries. C’mon, even lawyers have their standards sometim…. I mean, a clock is right twice a day or some shit.

  13. i’ve got a basement. not a big one. only a small one, enough room for 6 dogs or 3 children..
    I hear the centipede movie is 100% medically accurate????? Our ignorance is running thin on what our evolution will hold!! On another note, it’s quite handy how the speed limit drops when you’re near or around school zones, isnt it?

  14. Why not just wear a regular snuggie and stuff a sham-wow in your undies? xP

    @Keona, it’s odd that Brock’s post made me think of Man on Fire as well! o.O One of my fave movies of all time, though. Also agreed w/you about Ali. If she can afford to fly in the first place, she can afford like $5 for a couple new batteries.

  15. It’s been said before, but Stacy just ripped off Bill Maher.

  16. The Human Sexipede looks like a much better film than the totally crap one it parodies.

  17. I feel so bad for Ali. But hey, (s)he’s got fingers!

  18. Nicole is correct and Stacy is onto something…possibly LSD or maybe magic ‘shrooms.

    Ali just wants all her friends to know that she was about to go home and ram herself with 12inch of cold hard plastic in a desperate attempt to look cool, what sort of useless slut doesn’t keep spare dildo batteries to hand?!

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