Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tip Top Type

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  1. The Leslie Nielson one is probably more suited for the “weird autocorrect” sites than Lamebook.

  2. Marc, you need to go out and meet real girls. Fucking weirdo.

  3. Hell, i know some chicks so sick of guys they’d probably hook up with a mannequin first.

    And yeah the leslie one belongs in one of those autocorrect pages. Like that “If my iphone changes hell to he’ll one more time, its otterbox won’t even be able to save it” one that wont quit sending me invites.

  4. I don’t get off my coach much either.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Complications for phenomena”? I think my soul is bleeding 🙁 .

  6. Manakin …. really? I don’t know what’s more fucked up. Manakin or that he fancies it!

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s pretty easy to fancy a “manakin”. They are specifically designed to be hot.

  8. It’s called a “Real Doll” Marc. That should satisfy your mannequin fetish.

  9. Is Olivia a bus driver?

  10. My great great granduncle’s nephew’s step-father totally died for hospital complication for phenomena.

  11. I thought phenomena only made you sick in the head?

  12. Surely you can’t be serious?! I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley. L.N.

  13. “Owwwwwch!” says my brain.

    Ya, colege is waye overated.

  14. I know the phenomena one is lame but when I read it I couldn’t stop laughing! Phenomena is an awesome word.

  15. I sometimes wish manatees were real girls, too. Never stop dreaming, Marc!

  16. Marc’s post is the weirdest thing ever.

    Olivia is lucky to have such an interesting coach 🙂

  17. Leslie Nielsen’s death is tragic and all, but if I hear ONE more person quoting ‘Don’t call me Shirley’ I may have to throw them through a window.

  18. Shirley you can’t be serious, BritishHobo.

  19. @BritishHobo: They probably don’t know anything else he was in. I am partial to the “There is a message in the lobby for Dr. Seward” Nielsen my self 🙂

  20. So guys I came up with this new joke
    person 1: surely you can’t be serious
    Person 2: I am serious, and don’t call me shirley!

    Hilarious right? I don’t think anyone has ever thought of that before, I must be a modern day Bob hope.

  21. @Jonjones,
    either you are too young or you haven’t seen the movie Airplane. that is the line from the movie.


  23. @22
    Oh, you mean i’m not the firt person who ever thought of that joke before? What a revelation! Thanks for telling me before I made a BIG mistake.

  24. @convo between princessronnie and jj


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