Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sister Sister

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  1. Yet?


  2. What the hell Mary? Can’t you hear Conor yelling at you through facebook?!

  3. Aww poor Kimmy. I mean if you can’t count on your family who can you count on? And Joseph FTW. Classic.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Classic Lamebook.

    I seriously can’t tell if Kimmy is joking or not. Also what the hell is ;( a frowning wink?

  5. Where do these kind of families come from?


  6. I get the feeling “I can’t” is one drunken family party from becoming “I can’t anymore”.

  7. did anyone else notice her name is Mary and her brother’s name is Joseph? LOL

  8. @Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I think it means, “Oh, too bad for me!! I’ll get you, you watch.”

    That or she was too lazy to press the Shift key.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    frozenleaf there might be conception here but it most certainly wont be immaculate.

    Cherry Cola Call me Dukey, no need to be so formal after talking about your pierced nipples and screaming ‘gasms yesterday.

  10. Dukey, forgive my formality.

  11. I hope to god Philip means she is his sister in a “we are so close we are basically siblings” way. If not, their next family reunion might be awkward. ;(

    Poor Joseph, he was just trying to console his sister and only got her in hot water.

  12. Immaculate conception = what you tell the neighbors after your brother gets you pregnant

    (this whole Christianity thing is starting to make sense…)

  13. @ Jellica

    MAry and Joseph actually were related…

  14. I like the ‘I can’t!’ which implies that, rules abiding, he would.

  15. jon, it comforts me to know that if i were your sister, it wouldn’t stop you from admiring my spandex and stripper heels

  16. Ok. This is from SATX. Funny on so many levels:

    1) Splashtown fucking sucks. I would be PISSED if someone took me there. Fuck that place.

    2) Her little brother just destroyed her “backup” plan. Now that’s just classic lulz

  17. Mary & Joseph, sister & brother? Wow, Mom, if they end up like Kim & Phil over there it’s totally your fault.. xP

  18. Philip’s dick must be made of baby Jesuses.

  19. Poor Mary..

    Kimmy could be his ‘half sister’, so that Kimmy’s mother is married to Phillip’s father.

  20. @jr88:
    that would make them step-siblings. If Philips father had Kimmy with another woman other that Phillip’s mother, then they would be half-siblings

  21. Uh….

  22. Right on! I love making horrible comments to all my nieces and nephews and sisters on Facebook. Mostly because my parents are friends with all of them, and my parents’ employers are friends with them.

    Again, I think I’ll visit the “Taboo” section of Literotica.

  23. It worked out for Marcia and Greg…just sayin’.

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