Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few PhoDohs

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  1. @Wordpervert, I would have obliged to slap your gluteal but I am allergic to fat ladies and the CO2 they emit every time they breathe in.

  2. dad, i’ve seen some of the skanks you bring home. stfu

  3. @ #3 wonder if Mia had permission to post up the pic of Jameson… looks to mr from background and whats being said she is his teacher rather than a caregiver…..

  4. Dear Yoink, there is a difference in banging one when you are horny then accepting/ being with one when you are desires have been met.

  5. dear dad, don’t care

  6. I like the bear on the maths test. I think things like that make the marker’s day. At least that is my experience when marking…
    I would give a point for being a smart ass.

  7. Am I the only one that notices yoink and yoink’ dad and “the artist are always around at the same time? Come on now people, it’s not that hard to see who has been pulling everybody’s middle leg.

  8. I have been lurking for a while now and love the comments section although have refrained from commenting due to my inferior wit. I had to post though and ask what the hell is going on with yoink? He has suddenly learned to spell, not to mention use grammar but worst of all he is no longer funny.

  9. As someone who has marked the EQAO test (the language portion, not the maths), I have to wonder who took the pic… the scorer (b/c it was funny), or the student (underachiever and proud of it)? That would be pretty risky for the scorer to do so, as it violates the NDA & they could lose their job marking, so maybe the student?

    I also like how the student erased & re-wrote their caption of the bear picture. Slacker-perfectionists are rare. As rare as a bear using Nair.

  10. Paranoid Android

    @57 (the one with awesome scrabble score)

    Best not to ask about the whole Yoink thing, it will literally blow your mind. I am, at this very moment, receiving therapy due to this episode.

  11. @Paranoid

    or it will just bore you to death

    also, lol at Jameson, he has too many chromis

  12. for the record, i am not the “original yoink” and nor was i this “fake yoink”
    someone, fuckmustard i think, said how to steal someone’s username, so i wanted to see if it worked. it did, but i never changed it back and hadn’t logged in for a few days. so now i am stuck with this name, thanks to some change at wordpress.

  13. T’wasn’t me…

  14. okay, then. doesn’t matter. i only created an account because of the whole yoink shit storm, logged in once and never commented. finally, i logged in again less than 24 hours ago.
    so yeah, i think i’ll just go back to not commenting and instead merely reading the thoughts of a bunch of self-congratulating elitists who, for some reason, are experts on what is or is not having a life.


  15. Ghost_of_George_Steinbrenner


  16. @chiiro

    Bit late this, but here goes… My point was that when I was looking butch, no-one mistook me for a bloke, despite the fact that I was skinny and had no tits. When I wasn’t looking butch (i.e. long hair, make-up, glitter, skirts/dresses), I’d be mistaken for a bloke.

    Doesn’t happen any more, cos now I’m a fat bastard and I have tits. Hurrah!

  17. hahaha, yoink’s apparently threatening to take his ball and go home

    butthurt much?

  18. On the subject of mistakenly assuming a fat woman is pregnant – I was having the same conversation with a friend today. Someone she works with walked up to her, rubbed her stomach, and asked “When are you due?” Fair play to the girl, she just replied “Nah, I’m just fat” but seriously – why would you do that?

    David’s foot is wedged firmly in mouth, but at least he wasn’t more personal. Commenting a kid looks stoned isn’t so bad on the grand scale of things. I’ve commented on a really horrendously ugly child only to find out it’s one of my best friend’s nieces (although she wasn’t sure if it was her niece or nephew – that side of the family are referred to as the apes)

  19. Mr. Bourne couldn’t answer that question? Seriously?

  20. What’s the point of blurring out a Down Syndrome kid’s eyes? We KNOW what they look like.

  21. it’s to hide their identity, asshole.

  22. They don’t care about anyone knowing their identity if they got DS.

  23. Downies all look the same, there no use in covering up they identity.

  24. Theres* Their* The fuck…?

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