Monday, July 12, 2010

Gender Rolled

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  1. CommentsAtLarge


    Henceforth, for argument’s sake, those will be referred to as “moobs”.

  2. Alright so then we all agree boobs and ass good, moobs bad.

  3. Though I still say boobs are overrated.

  4. Comments, I like man cans.

  5. Comments, well I don’t like them, I like the term. You get my drift.

    Catch you later.

  6. i can hang a cd from each of my preternaturally large nipples.

    true story.


  7. CommentsAtLarge


    I’m picking up what you were throwing down, no worries.

  8. Pretty sure people like Mary is one of the reasons I’m gay. Way to pull out fake statistics out of nowhere, Mary. Congratulations.

    Freezer, you made me laugh. Though since no one else mentioned anything, I’m wondering if I’m seeing something that isn’t there. Still, I completely missed that she said ‘marry’ and not ‘buy’.

  9. *Freezer? Where did that come from? I meant Freezy, obviously.

  10. Just came here to say what whit said (comment 11) but I see it’s been done. Very well. Carry on.

  11. I think I’m okay with Alex ripping off Tim Minchin, because he kind of made it his own. I won’t stand for people ripping off Tim Minchin badly though.

  12. I’d rather watch boobs than a movie.

  13. Boner boner boner boner boner.

    but thats just my .02

  14. I love great boobs, I love great asses, but to be honest, I’m more of a I love women kinda guy. When you can enjoy the sexiness of the Whole woman, that is when you can really love any of the above.

    Why is everybody bagging on Alex? Don’t you guys realize that he is just preparing for his sex change?

    Mary Mary Mary…Oh where do I start? The fact that you copied and pasted that because you thought it was true? Or how about that the reason that you haven’t been married yet due to the fact that you have labeled all men as pigs because “The one” cheated on you with your best friend? Or that you’re upset that your husband Alex would rather have a sex change than stay married to you?

    Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure that there is someone that feels the same way about you.

  15. Wow, I really need to remember my saftey plan…

  16. Boobs are like air, they’re only a big deal when you ain’t getting any into your lungs.

    You know what I mean.

  17. Ha. Ha. Ha. Good job stealing the gag from Tim Minchin there, Alex.

  18. what if they’re vegan?

  19. I don’t know where that person gets their stats from, I doubt 80 percent of women don’t want to get married, I know so many who are obsessed with the idea of getting married.

  20. Oh Potato Potato… It’s not a real statistic its just a joke.

  21. Paranoid Android

    Today, I am uninspired and lethargic therefore my input on this comment section will be dull and short:-

    Boobies, Knockers, titties, Bristols, Baps, Funbags; I salute you.


  22. Foxtrot Uniform


  23. Alex is spot on at the end

  24. how come no one screams “fake” on submissions such as alex’s?

  25. Alex stole that from Tim Minchin

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