Monday, July 12, 2010

Day to Day Dilemmas

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  1. Incidentally, I’m a sorcerer, an idolater, and a fornicator (not lately, alas). That means I’m certainly going to hell in μεγ’s religion. Which is fine, because if her God is really, you know, GOD, I wouldn’t be in heaven with such an evil deity anyway.


  3. Righteous!

  4. Ah. Revising opinion: μεγ is just a garden-variety shithead troll. Probably not even a Christian, much less a Catholic. I suspected she was fake from the fact that she implied that Catholics aren’t “really” Christians, something no Catholic would say; to them, the Roman Catholic Church is Jesus’ own Church, which makes them the ONLY “real” Christians.

  5. I was surprised at how this comment thread got on this wild tangent. So a teenaged girl has a kid, big deal. It may not even be hers!

    AS A CATHOLIC (we believe in Christ = Christian), I know not to be judgemental. Sure, premarital sex is bad, but it does happen. We’re only human, and the good thing is that she at least took responsibility for him/her and didn’t get an abortion. IF that’s what happened, anyway – we don’t know that!

    Also, this is Lamebook – not exactly a place for ideological discussion.

    So we learned 2 things today: 1. Some, but not all, Catholics are crazy, and 2. Don’t use Nair!

  6. Oh you dear people… I know muepsilongamma. She’s… she’s nuts. That’s really the only way I can describe her. And yes, everything she said was true. She believes every word she preaches. Oh man… I apologize on her behalf. She really is a good person… she’s just crazy.

  7. Pay no attention to thequeen everybody, she’s just another heathen living in sin. May God have mercy on your soul, you traitor!

  8. Sorry, thequeen. I take the phenomenological view here: if you behave exactly like a psycho troll, you ARE a psycho troll.

    Psycho trolls are not nice people. Therefore this crazy lady is NOT a nice person, no matter how nice she is (or was, before your “treachery”) to you in person.


  10. My two cents, if I may:

    This has been going on since the 13th, and I mean, really? Obviously everyone has trapped you in a corner so that you result to screaming out lines from your bible in an attempt to use a “magic erase marker” for being naive.

    I think grouping all teenage mothers together is not only cruel but shallow. I’ve known of someone who was a rape victim and became impregnated, but she decided to raise the baby since it was, indeed, her flesh and blood. Opinions will always be butchered, since we are not in a world of everyone being the same, I honor you for arguing your point intellectually in the beginning, but now I think you’re just ignorant and fool-hardy.

    People said they understand your views but are just disagreeing with it and stating their opinions, which is acceptable. Retorting back and forth though, is idiotic. Unfortunately I don’t know much about you and I will not judge you. People like azarf and mad2physicist are stating their observations on your opinion, and explaining why the think this way and that, some even put down facts. I do not know much about religion, I wasn’t born in a family of much faith, I have my own views on which religion I believe in rather than others, but your judgmental ways does not rise up to give Catholics a “good stamp”, so to say. People these days are judgmental, much like you (yes, you are being judgmental, saying that if you sin you’re done, etcetc), and will brand all Catholics as people much like you if they only are exposed to people who preach their faith aimlessly just to make others try and see the “good” they see in their religion.
    Here’s the thing, not everyone will approve of your faith, not everyone approves of my faith but I don’t go trying to change their views as you seem to be doing (others have too, unconsciously, it’s just how humans are these days). Treat others how you want to be treated, and if you want me to speak to you as you speak to others in a condescending, “my faith is always better and my views are superior to yours”, arguable tone, then I will if it actually sticks in your brain and doesn’t go in ear and out the other like all the other’s long paragraphs have.

    It seems to you your parents are God, have you noticed? It’s how THEY feel about YOU, and how THEIR morals are fantabulous and above all others and how they go about being judgmental freaks (yes, in today’s society, they will be labeled as such, no one likes to be laughed at for mistakes. After all, people LEARN from their mistakes and fix it so they never do it again.) Of course, not all people learn and some people do the same things over and over again, as you indeed have not learned that you are pushing your morals onto everyone thinking they are, again, superior, just because your parents taught you as such. If you are Catholic, that’s great, but what you’re doing is definitely not catholic.

    I suspect you will disregard all of this because you think we’re pieces of shit who you trample on while you reach out for something unknown to us all.

    Stop trolling, get a life, go get some friends, because obviously you have none with the way you act.

    If I may, I will now discontinue my rant and say one leaving thing that sums up my paragraphs in even a language you may understand:
    You need to be slapped in the face, you judgmental and insane witch, have a nice taste of reality while you eat everyone’s dust while they ignore your obvious young naive ways and focus their attention and something whose worth doesn’t line up to a heap of wet cat dung.

  11. Yeah, I got judgmental at the end. Sorry.

  12. Nair isn’t something to fuck with. I’ve had a harsh experience with it before.

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