Monday, July 12, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. Yoink!

  2. second! this is the closest I’ve ever gotten

  3. Pressing 1 for English gives us priority.

    Would you rather it say “Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for French, or just wait for the 10 second timeout to expire, if you want to choose the default of English”?

    Then everyone would complain “Why should I have to wait 10 seconds to use the phone, just because I speak English? I live in the United States!”

    Or more likely something like “Why shuld I hav to wate 10 seconds to use the phone, just becuse I speke English? I liven the Untied Stats!”

  4. last one has been on failbook.

  5. SouthBeachTakeover

    Jonathan is an ignorant douche, but the first one was pretty funny

  6. who cares about what baby jesus would do? I want to know what pissed-off, back-from-the-dead-and-bringing-his-lawyer, zombie jesus would do….


  8. I agreed with Kendra but I’m smart enough to google stuff before admitting to be ignorant.

    Psst… word to the wise, “Sydney Morning Herald” & “The Histology & Microscopy Unit.”

  9. LOL@DJenna

  10. Shaved my head & Forgot my underwear?

  11. Ahh “hmu”- fail. Hugged my uncle.

  12. I hope I’m not being culturally insensitive by giggling at the name “Manmeet.”

    Insensitive and immature.


  13. Heh. I didn’t even catch that. I find great humor is ridiculous names and innuendos.

  14. @nomnomnom fuck failbook… unfunny, unoriginal, unreadable version of lamebook.

  15. @12 I giggled too…probably culturally insensitive, but come on – the name is Manmeet.

    Facts about Manmeet: It is primarily used as a female name, and it is the 13657th popular name in the USA (between Olivar and Hungerford), and

  16. …you can make up a third fact that I didn’t bother to include there at the end.

  17. I imagine that children named “Manmeet” had to learn how to fight at an early age.

  18. D-transvestite?

  19. Loving the name Manmeet. Do people make these names just to make us English laugh? I mean it may be common to whatever culture it comes from, but seriously there’s so many names and words from other languages that are just made to make us laugh. Cultural insensitivity ftw, and also abbreviations.

  20. Check out the tits on Manmeet. I would totally eat her out.

  21. made up fact #3.

    The most common chat up line used on women called Manmeet: ” So Manmeet, do you wanna meet my man meat?”

  22. i love malteaser too

    Most likely, Manmeet belongs to a Sikh/Punjabi clan. If she has Sikh men for fathers and brothers, Jenna, you should also know that they carry swords and knives as a part of their religious outfit. Not made up, btw (since we are all about acronyms today).

  23. My office window is across the way from a hotel, which creates frequent opportunities for amusement as people unknowingly subject themselves to indecent exposure while standing near the glass. While this does have the potential to be awesome, it is sadly more often completely disturbing as Manmeet seems to be the most common guest at the hotel in question.

  24. Sorry Manmeet but you’re incorrect. Those were initialisms, not acronyms. Only ‘lol’ is an acronym as the initials are said as a word rather than as letters.

  25. I dunno, I’d rather be named ‘Manmeet’ than ‘Nixon’ (her first replier). Maybe.

  26. I had to look the initials “smh” and “hmu” and they’re are not as funny as you’d imagine 🙁

  27. If we’re talking weird names here, my mother once had a kid in her class named Shithead (pronounced shi-tayed).

  28. Why don’t you add “death of normal names” to that list of yours, Manmeet?

  29. I remember when my friend Sierra had the strangest name I had ever heard. I miss those days.

  30. @ Bucky Fellini

    My boyfriend’s office window is across from an apartment building and oh the things he sees. Sure Manmeet pops up from time to time. In fact, he even saw two men having sex once. But he has also seen a pornstar who was in town for Sexpo putting on a free solo show for anyone who cared to look in her window.

  31. The funniest thing about this post is ‘Munchkin’. Not what he/she said, just his/her name. I’m going to give him/her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s actually a nickname, but I’d much rather pretend that his/her parents hate him/her.

  32. sorry @Walter smh is “shaking my head” not “Sydney Memorial Herald” and hmu is “hit me up” not “The Histology & Microscopy Unit” at least in terms of internet slang.

  33. no, i can actually confirm that walter was right.

  34. at least it’s not spelled manmeat…

  35. manmeet sounds like a real dick.

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