Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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  1. I am thinking Ariel will become very popular on campus after this post.

  2. fuck you “comma” campus police.

  3. … oh and Amanda exhibits double-fail.

    Fail 1. The boyfriend part came before the blowjob part??? Dual fail as her boyfriend owns a part of that for being a pussy.

    Fail 2. Dandruff…

    The posting of this information on Facebook for all to see simply highlights a streak of endemic fail-ness.

  4. … oh and what Jason failed to point out was that he was lying in bed at the time.

  5. Likely just another lapse in quotation mark usage. FHL

  6. The first one is copied from FML: http://www.fmylife.com/intimacy/15805096

  7. The first one is a fail because it was posted on FML last week.

  8. Who cares if it was posted on another website. Lamebook shares posts that people submit so that’s what they have to work with. I never go to other websites anyway so any repeated posts on here are the only time I’ll ever see them. Not all of us scour every single website trying to catch repeated statuses…

  9. ugh. I hate it when one post gets cross-posted to everything. It was barely funny the first time, after it whores itself to a dozen more websites, it’s even less funny.

    (and the person that supposedly only goes to one website: I call BS. That’s a complete lie.)

  10. I also come on lamebook only leftfoot, why’s that so hard to believe? I used to enjoy the comments on here, and I never found that same atmosphere on other sites- other humor sites that is. Of course I frequent social networks, e-mail, youtube, google links, etc

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    leftfoot seriously? You are doubting that someone uses only one humor site? How much free time do you think everybody has?

    I have been on a couple of the sites but I only use lamebook too (barely even on here anymore because the Adm|n’s are being dicks).

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I guess Saffer beat me to it. Dude seriously I actually had to take a break just to type these 3 comments.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And before anyone asks, There ARE 3 comments. One got moderated.

  14. I didn’t know going to only one humor website was something people lied about but I’m telling the truth. To think this whole time I thought the guys who frequent all those websites and can post dates and times of repeated posts were the lames, but apparently it was me all along…and Dukey…and Saffer…

    I find my life to be more simple by just sticking to lamebook. That way I don’t have to fret over that gut wrenching feeling people get when they see the same posts from the previous 15 or more websites they just molested in hopes of finding cheap humor.

  15. I’m with Saffer, Dukey & Yo Mamma. I only visit LB. And I wouldn’t even bother except the comments sections frequently make it worthwhile.

  16. Admit it, you all come here to see

  17. Steeeever – I don’t come here specifically to see you, but I am always happy to.

  18. Why are you always being moderated Dukey? Are they stupid, they moderate frequent commenters but leave the spammers.

  19. I don’t read FML anymore, but the way the status is phrased makes it clear it was taken from there if you’ve seen anything from FML before. This was just a person who thought it was funny. Not somebody who wanted to think that the situation actually happened to her (and as wandr said, just forgot or didn’t feel like quotation marks.)

  20. wanted PEOPLE to think*

  21. Yes, your presence here is always an added bonus, Mr. Steeeever. However, I agree, I don’t visit other sites, and the reason I do visit lamebook is the fact that more often than not the comments are the best part of the posts

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I wonder what you wrote Buns. Given what I get away with, it must have been quite something.

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Dandruff is a big turn of for me, that and stupid questions whilst getting a blowjob. Like “is it good?”, well lady; How the hell should I know, you’re the one tasting it.

  24. Now I feel discriminated against. I read FML and the French version, VDM
    And Cracked!
    But really, lamebook is the only one I don’t actually read for the posts

  25. Wow, it’s sad if THIS is the only humor site you frequent. There are so many better ones out there. I check this one out like once a week.

  26. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Is it wrong to admit that I would tell everyone on FB about giving a blowjob but NOBODY (ever) about dandruff?

  27. thataint – dandruff is just one of those things that is just not talked about in polite company.

  28. Dandruff one wastaken from FML,com. meh

  29. was taken* .com*

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