Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Hype Type

More hype type: Here and here.

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  1. meh

  2. Suroor called, he wants his bicep back

  3. no only is the last one older than jesus – it’s also fake

  4. The first one is yet another reason I don’t like the movie Pursuit of Happyness.

  5. *not

  6. DukeGuy, I thought that too, but then I think the “lame” part is supposed to be her response rather than the picture.

  7. HAHA! That first one is funny as hell to me. I was wondering why there was a diacritic mark over the “y,” and it turns out it’s an apostrophe? Too good to be true. I can’t even imagine where people get these things. There must be some special school to teach this kind of stupid.

  8. @Duke, agree the whole SHCOO”L” shtick is old as the hills but I think the point is Maylynn thinking the only thing wrong is the missing “L”.

  9. … that being said… I stand by “meh”

  10. Thank you, Stubby. I thought I would have to state the obvious. Also, I am glad David explained “happy’ness,” ’cause I thought maybe the tattoo artist sneezed and just went with it.

  11. the second one….??? Anyone?

  12. Oh, I see. Anus wrap… wow, hilarious.. *yawn*

  13. Ok did my comment about wanting to be a tattoo artist just to deal with morons like #1 get deleted? Weird.

    trisham80, are you looking for an explanation or wondering why no one’s commented on it?

  14. Yeah, I didn’t catch the “anus” typo at first.

  15. I think I found my new favorie way to spell happy’ness. That’s a keeper.

  16. Fuck my life.

  17. So do tattoo artists not speak up about spelling errors? I mean really…

  18. 2 Wallaces and it’s not even at least 20 comments yet 🙁

  19. Sedna, I’ve heard that they don’t, and why should they, really? They’re doing the rest of us a favor by allowing us to spot dumb people before wasting time talking to them.

  20. Sedna, I don’t think they generally speak up on it because it’d probably lead to arguments, and shit, as long as they are getting paid I don’t think they care too much. Not that I blame them. The customer is always right…even when they’re wrong.

  21. What tattoo artists (at least around here) do is “Are you sure this is what you want?” and you sign a release. A customer brings in a design, the artist does it. Which is what I think it should be. The customer should get why they request. Just like when someone orders a sign that says “OPENNING SOON!” It makes the person displaying the sign look stupid, not the sign maker.

  22. I’m not blaming the artist at all… just wondering if anyone ever said “Hey, this is spelled wrong, are you sure you want it this way?” Since coming to Lamebook I’ve seen so many misspelled tattoos I couldn’t help but wonder. -shrug- But lametothemin you do make a good point about making dumb people easier to weed out.

  23. If I were a tattoo artist, I don’t think I would tell them. Like blondebimbo said, the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong, and if I’m getting money for my work I’m not going to risk losing a customer.

  24. Yo, that last one happens in real life. Its not fake. Just google School misspelling in NC and you’ll get a bunch of hits. Happened just a few months ago.

  25. A few months ago? You sure? I think it’s about the first thing I saw when I crawled onto the Internets about 13 years ago

  26. oh alright, I get it. They did misspell it in NC, but that’s not the one on the picture.

  27. hootie the blowfish

    @23 Vancouver: That little bit of rationalization is great and all, but really what it comes down to is you’re being a jerk. If a customer comes in gushing blood, do you not ask them if they’re OK because what they do is their business and customers are always right? No, of course not, you ask them if they’re OK not out of some sort of business obligation but because it is the courteous, humane thing to do. I know, I know, you’re perfect and would never, ever misspell a word, and this gives you the right to be an ass to those who DO misspell them. Congrats. But don’t hide your dickishness behind some kind of made-up business ethic.

    I have no tattoos with words, but I do have a tattoo of a fish I drew that I thought was great the way I had it, but the tattoo artist suggested at the last moment that maybe the way I asked him to put it on it appeared upside down, and after thinking about it I decided he was right. And I’m glad he said something.

  28. A tattoo artist who wouldn’t knowingly point out a spelling error to a client doesn’t take much pride in their work & certainly isn’t doing themselves any favors. A misspelled piece on someone is an error that most would attribute to the artist, not the client. When it’s discovered the tattoo is spelled wrong, the people on the internet LOL & people in talk about the artist & shop in the persons hometown, who’d want to go to a shop where an artist is known for errors?

  29. I don’t think I could even force myself to tattoo something that is misspelled on someone, no matter how badly I needed the money.
    It would just bother me WAY TOO MUCH.

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