Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What’s in a Name?

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    Zuka and Dikshit go together like peas and carrots.

  2. Looks like there are more than a dozen Anil Dikshits, including two Anil Kumar Dikshits (probably the same person).

    Jesus Condom… now THAT’S a keeper (even though it’s probably pronounced more like ‘hay-ZUSE con-DOME’).

  3. Yes, let’s make fun of people named so and so, when it was at the time a perfectly good name. Also, people from different culture whose name, in ours, sounds funny. I feel like I’m 6 years old again. Bravo.

    /buzzkill OFF

  4. There’s a politician from Delhi, who’s name is Sheila Dikshit. Last year a NZ talk show host made fun of her name and landed in hot water for that. Because something sounds funny in your language, it doesn’t mean that can be ridiculed. But, I guess you woudn’t know that because you are American and hence genetically ignorant. And bravo lamebook for not masking the first name of Mr.Dikshit.

  5. I have to go with vignesh on this one. Except for the case of Mr. Fagley Dork. That one totally deserves it.

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  7. I’m pretty sure ignorance and stupidity are resources shared equally all over the world, vignesh.
    Really, it’s a shame it can’t be converted to energy

  8. comparethemeerkat

    My friend used to work in a hospital and he met a Filipino woman called Manmeet Poojabba.

  9. How is it that lamebook has been moderating like crazy and they couldn’t even see that obvious advertisement up there?^^^

  10. English speakers ridicule their fellow citizens’ names all the time. But I guess Indians have to eliminate all humor from their souls in order to have any self respect left after playing cricket.

  11. I would totally believe “Jesus Condom” wasn’t the kid’s real name. My senior yearbook had a number of misspelled names in it. I don’t think the teacher in charge of the yearbook kids ever proofread it. One girl had an enemy on the yearbook staff and ended up with the last name “McDoughHo” Instead of “McDonough”.

    And I had a teacher that year named Melvyn Dick. Wonder if he’s on FB?

  12. I doubt that’s how these names are pronounced. Even if it was, it’s not in English so the meaning is obviously not the same. There’s a politician in Safrica whose name is spelt Sexwale but pronounced See-*GWAA-leh

    *guttural sound on the ‘g’

  13. Also, hasn’t that Jesus Condom one been on before? I’ve seen it more times than I can count and I don’t visit other ‘humor’ sites.

  14. vignesh, didn’t you say the reporter was from New Zealand? Apparently ignorance is worldwide, and can even be found in your culture, as you’ve demonstrated, since Americans are genetically linked. In short, fuck off.

  15. Aww Zuka is cute and old.

  16. Where I used to work we found a few gems in the online Corp. Directory:
    Beena Wankar
    Ashit Ashok

  17. @4: If they mask the first name of Mr. Dikshit, then it’s not as funny. Not that it’s very funny in the first place, but part of the funniness is the first name.

    You get shitdick (dikshit) when you give anal(anil).

    I probably didn’t have to explain that, but a lot of the people who post comments here don’t seem very bright.

  18. Saffer, in this case the name is actually pronounced Dikshit. Yes, it’s funny, but not so much for Indians who last made fun of it when we were 12.

  19. Xenophobia is fun.

  20. I bet Jesus Condom feels so lucky to have idiots he has to go to school with taking the time to put his yearbook picture on the internet.
    Condom is an actual last name, but I would definitely believe it was the fault of the yearbook kids. Every yearbook I have is rife with mistakes, for no good reason. How hard is it to look over the finished product once more?

  21. @pterryndactyl, tell me about it! My yearbook was full of mistakes. They didn’t even bother to find the name of some people who didn’t stay until year 11, they just put a question mark underneath. Tch…

  22. Good old Aussie sense of humour!

  23. Im glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t find this funny. Ridiculing a name that does not translate well only makes you look callow and immature.

  24. This has nothing on the names on scientific papers at pubmed.

    How about some scholarly work by XL Shit?

    Or a scintillating talk by Beat Imhof?

  25. I am sure he got his name from those final moments when she’d have screamed “Jesus ..!! Condoms ?????”

  26. this is insensitive to people of indian ethnicity. i know mr. anil dikshit and it is really unfair that you haven’t blanked out his first name and blurred his picture. i don’t understand how this was allowed.

  27. i dream of jeannie

    @ wilsonson:

    I think I love you.

  28. I’m not an Indian but umm, Wilsonson, India = current Cricket World Champions.

    There’s a really popular Indian actress called Madhuri Dixit. They pronounce her last name as Dikshit too actually. But she’s a milf, so I guess it’s okay.

  29. @wandr

    I think you’re right, except that the ignorance chart looks a bit like the Moral Landscape map proposed by Sam Harris.

    When it comes to the Fucktard Landscape (my term), there are peaks and troughs of fucktardity. Due perhaps in part to the American educational system, lamentably, a major peak appears to centre over North America.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of fucktards in the UK also, but they tend to keep quiet and spend their time taking drugs and watching Hollyoaks. And getting pregnant.

  30. Can some of you please stop being self-righteous? It’s funny. Across all cultures people’s names are poked at. I bet even Indians do it when a foreigner’s name doesn’t translate well. We’re not laughing at the person, but what the name means in our language. It gets irritating for them, but it only becomes insensitive when someone goes out of their way to contact them to tell them or to tell them in general.

  31. There’s a German footballer with the last name ‘Kuntz’. Oh the fun we have when England and Germany meet to play ‘soccer’. The video for the England World Cup song a few years ago even had all 11 members of the German team with the name ‘Kuntz’ on their back. It’s all a bit of fun and those of you who can’t see this need to lighten up and stop taking things so seriously,
    Richard Head 😉

  32. @britboy Europe rules! =P

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