Monday, April 18, 2011

Folk It!


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  1. first? me?!?

  2. ^believe it, baby.


  4. normaisnotnormal

    In the first one, why are comment and like switched around?

  5. Wait, so how are all of Paul’s friends going to see his dad’s post?

  6. benladen may be first, but “pauls dad” is Ben.

  7. I once had two kids in the same month. My probation ends in 2015.

  8. @oilersfan
    I’m guessing that he wrote on Paul’s wall so his friends can see it.

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  10. Hey, ghjrdsfwef, go fall in a ditch.

  11. what the fucking piss, ghjrdsfwef? There is no place for spammers here. Suck my non-existent cock.

  12. I did not realize that the site changed names. Anyway, Paul is actually not the child’s name nor is his father’s name Ben. The status was placed on the child’s profile by the father. Hope that cleared it up.

  13. hootie the blowfish

    Keeping a child indoors and cutting off his social ties for an entire summer is just about the stupidest fucking thing a parent can do, both for their own sanity and for the social/physical health of the child. I don’t know what he did, I assume something fucked up, but Kathie’s reaction is dumb as shit. There has to be a more sensible response, something that actually has any sort of prayer whatsoever of making their son a better person.

  14. Calm down there hootie, ever heard of threats and humiliation?

    Torture him a bit, keep him from his friends for a week or 2. While smuthering him with all the family love as humanly possible for a teen and then once he has learned his lesson, he can go.

    But by doing the facebook post and a bit of willpower the kid will quickly learn to NOT do whatever it is he did wrong. More then 1 week of family time is punishement enough for any teenage kid.

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