Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jiminy Cricket, I’m Confused

Jiminy Cricket

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  1. This made me laugh so hard I cried.

  2. @18 i almost pee’d.. thanks.

  3. y ur blur default pic?

  4. is your friend

    33-FTW means “for the win”

  5. O_O LOL
    Am I horrible person for finding this funny?

  6. Nope! I almost peed myself. Glad someone else shares sick humor.

  7. OMG who posted this?????????????????? to let you all know, the RIP MOM was a constant on my status… she passed away from a brain tumor/brain cancer… i had come home from the emergancy room and went into my kitchen with no light on and i stepped on a cricket… i then updated my status. josh was a very close family friend that my mom basically adopted into the family when he was 13, he moved to florida and had gotten caught w drugs, and my aunt wendy was saying she just caught a cricket in her house and sent it to me…

  8. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Wow so you felt you had to come on here a year later to explain yourself to people who aren’t even here?

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