Wednesday, September 2, 2009

By the Way, We Don’t Give a Shit

By the Way

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  1. WTF
    first commenttt!

  2. WTF
    lame commenttter!

  3. After typing “By the way” she really should have realized how dumb of a fucking idea finishing that sentence would be.

  4. By the way, I’m tired of these baby-tmi-stfu-parents comments. I know there’s lamer stuff out there. I’m officially making my application for admin. Whose with me!

  5. I started off thinking that this was perfectly normal….then, ohhhhh.

  6. 10 pints and a curry will help her diarrhea

  7. white castle and taco bell helps my diarrhea, then again I’m pretty sure a baby can’t eat from there.

  8. AllGrownUp!

  9. haha @ Seriously

  10. I love how she assumed people were wondering about the diarrhea problem.

  11. make sure you pass that info over to natalie!

  12. At least her grammar and spelling aren’t atrocious. I do have to give her that much.

  13. When will that “don’t like” button finally be added?

  14. Welcome to the internet, Letttie Love. You’ll soon find out that nobody is impressed by “first post” and that everyone started to find it really annoying by about 1999 or so.

  15. @eat it

    There is still the “multiple exclamation point” problem.

  16. Wouldn’t that be horrible if Katelyn is her 20 year old daughter

  17. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    If Katelyn’s diarrhea doesn’t get better, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Janette post a picture of it in a week or so. Stay tuned.

  18. I expected to see about 1000 more comments from teenage moms talking about their kids and how grown up they are & how they shit.


  19. Terrible.

  20. The terrible thing is there are thousands of children dying of diarrhea in the third world – why can’t some of ours!

  21. @Boz: Awesome.

  22. Flip, I`m right behind you!

  23. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    boz’s aliases in full effect i see

  24. “The terrible thing is there are thousands of children dying of diarrhea in the third world – why can’t some of ours!”


  25. I have to give it up to her. She actually spelled the word “diarrhea” properly. I’m amazed.

  26. No it’s not it’s spelt diarrhoea

  27. No it’s not, it’s spelt diarrhoea.

  28. MrPlow — in the US, we don’t use all those extra letters — here, our dictionary says Diarrhea. Both spellings are technically correct. Like “favourite” vs “favorite”

  29. Gotta go with Mr. Plow on this one. Both “diarrea” and “diarrhea” are bastardisations of the original “diarrhoea”.

    “Diarrea” is also the Spanish word for the condition.

    And let’s not get started on the USA’a overall inability to spell English words without removing letters.

  30. I believe that’s called a difference in dialect.

  31. No, dialect isn’t raping a language like the Americans have.

  32. Yeah, sorry about taking out all those useless O’s and U’s in words in which they aren’t pronounced. Really screwed that up.

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