Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cocky Tattoos



Lamebook Review:




Looks like I just found myself a D-A-T-E! How about it? By the choice of body art, I’d say you’re one classy female.  Too bad they made cockfighting illegal, it would have been a fantastic first date! Nothing says romantic like the sound of a rooster dying. Hmm…well…how about dinner? No wait! I have a better idea! Why don’t we just skip dinner and go straight to dessert? You can show me those other tattoos. Here’s a photo of my tattoo. I support animal fights too!

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  1. Michael Vick may have found his soulmate

  2. Her first tattoo is a portrait of her molesting a child.

  3. I don’t know if this is lamer or less lame than what I thought it was going to be after reading the title. Search google images for “merman tattoo” and decide yourself.

  4. I’m so glad they can’t take the unethical sport of forcing birds to mutilate each other away from Schuyler. It’s touching.

  5. Animal cruelty is awesome!! Exclamation point!!!

  6. Her skin is so glossy and moisturized-looking.. just want to plant soft wet kisses on her cocks..

  7. She puts the “cock” in “cock-fighting” <- Cheap shot I know but true.

  8. Because random and negative is far better than predictable and positive… Amelia sounds like a tool.

  9. Wow… how dare them take away cock fighting from her! Animal abuse FTW.


  10. KrakenSkulls, on a new tattoo, you have to apply lotion to it a couple times a day to help the healing. That’s my guess as to why it is so glossy.

  11. The fact that this girl has to live with this tatt for the rest of her life is enough punishment for her idiocy.

  12. How the fuck are you supposed to pronounce that name? “Schuyler?” Is that Jewish for “Skylar?”

  13. This isn’t the first time she’s had two cocks on her back at the same time.

  14. Jello, yes Schuyler is pronounced Skylar/Skyler.

  15. If they were my cocks, I would have at least made them a little more vibrantly colored…maybe add some spurs to their ankles…

  16. Jonas – Hayooooooooooooh.

  17. you’d think that she’d put something of such importance in a place where she could actually see it.

  18. Nice cock. But your tattoo is pretty lame.

  19. …and so was that comment Star.

  20. Cock-tastic!!

  21. WOW

    Isn’t anyone else wondering why this is even posted? It is painfully obvious the cockfight tattoo is actually a joke, and that this girl has a wicked sense of humor.

    You could argue that she has pretty bad judgement, but really this is nowhere near 99% of the posts on this site.

  22. Cock fight tattoos are a big trend right now.

  23. I’m always scared of doing girls like this from behind in case I get absorbed in some invented narrative I’ve weaved from their back tattoos.

    Why are these cocks fighting? Why can’t they just get along?

  24. what a hick.. bet she is from bama and drives a lawn tractor for transportation

  25. hey, look. its a cock fight on his back

  26. punching children and defecating in public is illegal but if you get tattoos, no one can take them away from you! i think that’s the real lesson here.

  27. she is such a cock tease!

  28. cock blocker!

  29. cocktail anyone?

  30. i`d like to get 1 but am too chicken . do they wake her up in the morning could be an advantage exept wk ends of course

  31. That’s what makes Schuyler so fucking awesome: her propensity for getting random, idiotic tattoos! She’s a complete dipshit! Hoorah!

  32. thats given me an idea for my next tattoo, a baby seal getting clubbed!!

  33. i love the tattoo…i think this is girl is a crazy freak in a positive way and has a great sense of humour

  34. dumb choice for lamebook. pretty cool tattoo

  35. What the hell guys this looks like Zapdos and Moltres engaged in aerial battle! Coolest tattoo ever

  36. lol i find it kinda disturbing that you know you pokemon that well. in fact it disturbs me that i know what you are talking about… 😛

  37. Disturbing, you don’t need to know THAT much about Pokemon to know who/what Moltres and Zapdos are. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s would know.

  38. Maybe she just really likes the Gamecocks. Although I’m guessing from the fact that she says they just made it a felony, she’s not from America. Cockfighting has been illegal here for a long time.


  40. OK, so I used to work with this middle aged Greek lady. Really sweet lady, motherly type. Spoke good English, but had a lot of trouble with English slang, humor, etc. So one day completely out of the blue, she asked what a “cocksucker” was. We were of course all very embarrassed, but eventually found the least awkward way to answer the question (this was about the time of the Monica Lewinsky thing so I think I used that as a comparison). So then a little bit after that, she was taking care of some customers and got really offended and flustered. The one other supervisor asked her what the problem was. She was upset that they were standing at her window talking about cockfighting and she knew what that meant now. So the other lady just laughed and explained it to her. She just responded with “your language is so stupid”

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