Friday, May 14, 2010

PhoDOH Time!

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  1. Chicken with chinese baby, seasoned with ground black people?

  2. typewritermachine

    As per the last picture, I thought the whole ICP thing was forever left in the 90’s. Why then am I seeing them everywhere now? Is it like when, in the 90’s, everyone thought shit was “groovy” and wore giant bell bottom jeans with peace signs on the ass again as if the 70’s was attacking? Is it like that?
    Oh the horror.

  3. MachineGun Monica

    @ Kingoffools I also work at a tattoo shop. We actually go that extra mile and have the person SIGN a copy of the lettering being used on the tattoo and it gets stapled to their release form. That protects us so we are in NO WAY responsible for any misspelled words or names.

    On a side note people…It is called a TATTOO not a TAT and you are getting TATTOOED, not INKED. Grr, this angers me so much!

  4. @MachineGun Monica

    Indeed. I have a tramp stamp TATTOO, and irregardless of what other people say, it is only occasionally a repository for semen.

    I also have a tongue ring, and supposably this means I suck cock. That couldn’t be closer to the truth. Some folks just can’t handle my individuality, but I could care less.

  5. MachineGun Monica

    You know what else pisses me off?? Tribal armbands and “Kanji”…you know, if you’re getting something permanently drawn on your body at least try to be a little more creative.

  6. MachineGun Monica

    Awww, Soup…you make me lol. I lol’d so much that I actually lol’d in my pants. Then I had to take them off and lol them in the washing machine. Now they smell fresh and full of lol!

  7. So…you like me? Can we remove your lol pants and have internet sex now? I would rofl your world. No, that doesn’t work. I’d tl;dr you all night until we both screamed ftw! Then I’d be all smiley face, but you’d get a look at me in the daylight and you’d be all sad face, but that’s ok, because I internet nailed you and brb…

  8. MG monica; you sure someone as hate filled as you should be allowed to be around tattoo paraphernalia?

  9. I ruv roo Soup! But I hate juggalos or jiggalos or whatever they’re called.

  10. Yvonne ate some Chicken with Chinese Baby and then had to drop the kid off.

  11. @Monica do you speak Kanji? Cause I was looking to get the word cocksucker tatted on my arm, or maybe a tribal suit-case… I don’t know i just want some new Ink.
    You know what pisses me off, Scratchers, kitchen-magicians, guitar-string heroes and people who try to low ball you for a price. It’s your body this tattoo will be on you permanently, this isn’t Walmart.

  12. oh and Juggalos! I hates them.

  13. MachineGun Monica

    @ kof…soooo freaking funny you happen to mention a “cocksucker” tattoo. We actually just did one last week! It was on the chest of a fantastically, flamboyant gay man named Joey. Aww, Joey, how do I love thee?

  14. MachineGun Monica

    @ Nan

    Hate-filled? A bit harsh, eh? I just happen to be very passionate about body modification. Oh and I hate stupid people. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. I dunno, ‘body modification’ could comprise a lot of things, not sure people would want an angry plastic surgeon cutting them up, for example.
    I imagine you come in to contact with a greater proportion of stupid people in your field of work than in mine so I guess there’s nothing wrong with a bit of aggression…

  16. ugh.. ICP.. gaaaaay.. and the tattoo in the bathroom.. ew.. i mean, i love the flowers, but in a public bathroom? thats just asking for infucktion. *shudder*

  17. Walter Sobchak

    Yeah I haggle at Walmart too.

  18. manchester_girl

    as much as i can understand what some of the other tattoo artists are saying, i do it slightly different.
    i dont want anyone leaving my studio with a dodgy tattoo, whether its a miss-spell or it just looks shit.
    it my name and reputation on the line, so i always check the spelling, even more so if its a word im not entirely sure with myself.

  19. MachineGun Monica
    May 15th, 2010 at 1:40 am
    You know what else pisses me off?? Tribal armbands and “Kanji”…you know, if you’re getting something permanently drawn on your body at least try to be a little more creative.


    You know what pisses ME off?? All those people, getting inked with the English language, in the Latin alphabet, all those common letters and everything. I mean, GAWD, show some ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY when you’re picking your next tat.

    Pride in your vocation is one thing, but good lord, you’re not doing brain surgery. Get over yourself. How can you be enough in favor of body art, yet so (yes) anger-filled about how people choose to express themselves?

    Seriously, SERIOUSLY, get over yourself. You’re a tattoo artist. In case you hadn’t noticed, your kind is a dime a dozen these days. Sound like you kind of need to brush up on your bedside manner, so to speak.

  20. Harley Quinn? Like…from Batman? Hahaha, wow…wow.

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