Friday, May 14, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. Lucky for Joe there is no such thing as a thermomoter.

  2. Only 500, eh? Sounds like Joe really wants to give this thing a try. I predict that in about three weeks, he’s going to be like, “FINE, guys, 399 fans is close enough. Let’s get this over with since you’re FORCING me to do this even though I don’t really WANT to…”

  3. I shoved a thermometer up mine and now it won’t come out. How can I tell what my temperature is?

  4. 1st one – *you’re
    2nd one – lame
    3rd one – only 500? and thermomoter?
    4th one – reeeeally stupid.

    Come on, Lamebook.

  5. MUAHAHAHAHAHA It finally made it! Unfortunately Joe felt the need to act like a woman and we had to take the page down. But that does not prevent him from doing this at home alone.

  6. Rob doesn’t sounds half bad… anyone who likes turtles and porn are okay in my book πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m not usually up this late to see the first post, just got home from a really bad cinema experience. I’ve had a quick glance through this post, and there isn’t much to say, except for the last one…

    I’m glad I swim at netted beaches.

  8. Welcome to the Lamebook comment section, where 33.33% of posts advertise blogs. Too bad ee missed out, she could have bumped it up to 50%.

    Lamebook should remove hyperlinks from usernames.

  9. I’m off to bed, have a good one.

  10. Ah, word messed up my figures. No matter…

  11. ah, sharks an vaginas….

  12. @Hurting – No one is advertising anything you whiny dweeb. Yes, if you click on my name it goes to my blog. As to why this offends or annoys you, I cannot explain. I personally enjoy it when I can go to people’s blog if I’d like, especially ee’s and sensible’s. If you don’t want to look at them, then don’t. In the meantime, please remove your tampon, take a pamrin and a nap.

  13. No wonder you’re “Hurting”, if you’re just looking for stuff to bitch about.

    Not OK: People like Alen002 or whoever the hell making a lame comment like “ha ha! There’s even better stuff over at or whatever the hell site, you should check it out!”

    Perfectly OK: Someone linking to their personal blog in their username. It’s unobtrusive and doesn’t bother anyone other than people who don’t like blue letters.

  14. @katypants: GOOD ONE!

  15. God, I wish I didn’t care about having a succesful career enough to join that last one;(

  16. Turtle porn was so last year. It’s all about poking lizards now.

  17. eyeheartbrains

    @ Hurting. Yes. You. Are.
    I love Sensible Madness’s blog. And I wouldn’t have known about it, if his name wasn’t a tempting blue, and I hadn’t clicked on it.
    So I second what katypants and Bulldog said.
    And I’d like to add piss off, if I may.

  18. Dancinganimal256

    Maybe Rob has a TMNT fetish going on there. I also want to know what type of friends Joe has that they want to rape him with a thermomoter.

  19. @ Dancinganimal – We are fantastic friends of Joe… trust me he would learn to like it. Ya know, after a few hours of crying and bleeding. We were going to buy an over-size thermometer for him.

  20. It’s not the “blue letters” that bother me. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to post completely trivial aspects of their lives on the web. It’s not limited to Lamebook comments, it’s EVERYWHERE now.

    So I’m bitching about something that bothers me in general. And I’m bitching about it here. It’s my opinion, you have your blog, and your own opinion. Everyone has an opinion, does everyone need a blog?

    For the record, there ARE some witty and clever people out there with blogs. They make up about 5% of all blogs.

    I don’t expect my thoughts on the matter to go over well with people that have blogs, obviously. You’re cheeky response was the most predictable thing I’ve read all day.

  21. Oh no, oh no, for some reason I found #4 humorous. Oops.

    And yeah, what’s your problem Hurting?? Chill out!

  22. I can’t, I’m Hurting, silly!

  23. @Hurting: So people link to their blogs. So what? It’s not advertising, since katypants isn’t commenting and adding ‘P.S. VISIT MY BLOG!’. Besides, how do you think the popular blogs got to be so big? People accidentally typed the address in?

    Mc Hammer? Is he somebody from mrtee’s Mc Owned webshite?

  24. Haha, back-track much Hurting? “Oh no, I’m not saying anything dumb about how having a linked username is advertising and should be banned…you guys are all so juvenile”.

    and WOW, you must read a lot of blogs know that about 5% of them are interesting….

  25. (Disclaimer: I know who MC Hammer is. I could just find literally fuck all to mock about this post besides the point that Noah didn’t capitalize his C. It’s a bad day for the Hobo.)

  26. On second thought I don’t know why I’m being such a bitch.

    Apologies, Hurting. Carry on.

  27. Dancinganimal256

    @ Kablaam: Do you really have one that big?

  28. Dancinganimal256

    On this whole blog thing, I got no comment considering that the only ones I’ve read dealt with them ranting on about who they slept with and what waiters they find cute. That and the fact that I got a large reading list I want to go through before September, so I do not wish to distract myself anymore than I have already.

  29. lol dancinganimal – “on this whole blog thing I have no comment…so here is my comment…but it’s not really a comment, cos I don’t have one πŸ™‚ Awesome

  30. Yes, Hurting, please carry on. Seeing how you’ve been making these comments on several lamebook entries for days just waaaiting to get into with someone so you can express all you opinions about how lame blogs are. Silly me, I thought you were talking about the annoying spammers like alen002; but it was about us blognazis trying to push our thoughts and opinions onto unsuspecting victims.

    So, again, please carry on. With your rant and opinions that apparently only you have.

  31. I wonder if Rob is Zombie Kid…I miss Zombie Kid.

  32. Jackulahaha, you forgot that those links to blogs also occasionally allow us to directly taunt and mock people who fuck about like asses. ‘Member the wannabegrammarnazi brouhaha from a few months back?

    Despite having missed the real time shenanigans, I giggled in a most evil manner over that one.

  33. Haha, of course! How could I forget that encounter! Good times.

    And Katypants, now I don’t know why you’re being such a bitch, but carry on… I think I’m having a moment of Zen today…

  34. Jack, I’m fairly tired, so forgive me if I’ve read this wrong, but did you start out defending katypants and others with blogs from Hurting, then suddenly completely turn round and call katypants a bitch and Hurting okay? :S

    @Cherry Cola: I miss Zombie Kid too πŸ™

  35. He’s out there somewhere… loving turtles.

  36. Kind of…not really…kind of…well, I went off the handle at Hurting and then thought “Hey, why so mean? What’s my problem anyway” so I called myself a bitch and apologised. I dont think I really called Katy a bitch, or a hope not. Was just meant to be a little joke because I called myself a bitch, and told hurting to “carry on”.

    Wow, that was a long boring story. Sorry you asked?

  37. Jack, perhaps you’re right. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this a.m. and just wanted some lols and then got cracked on for having my username link to my blog, of all things.

    Rant over. I’m done. Plus I have work to do πŸ™‚ – have a lovely day, all!

  38. Spreading the love πŸ™‚

  39. @Dancinganimal I am sure they have one in an adult store I can find… or just paint one to look like a terrifying thermometer.

  40. Yay for turtles and porn.

    Wow, you focus on work, and look what you miss. Interesting.

  41. lol

  42. Is getting a thermometer in the ass really that humiliating and/or daring of a task?

  43. CommentsAtLarge

    It is if it’s this thermometer:

    I hope Joe would have demanded more followers for that one though…

  44. TouchΓ©.

  45. the blog debate…who cares? I don’t read them and generally don’t care for them, but if you want to link your name, go for it.

  46. I like Turtles and Porn too! Too back Rob sounds like such a fucktard about being single. I hate cocky attitudes.

  47. pearls-before-swine

    Being single, turtles, and porn… bizarre combo.

  48. Momentary.Thing

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ‘liked’ turtles because of the whole “I like turtles” video.. It’s why I did it, originally. Although, turtles are also awesome without the video support.

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