Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few W’s

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  1. asdfasdfawef

  2. a;flkjasdlkfjhal; SECOND

  3. Hmm…

  4. 2 & 4 win.

  5. Also “milkshake” jokes are pretty old at this point.

  6. None of those were very funny. I wonder if Chay id one of the great friends?

  7. #3 made me LOL

  8. i ate all your bees

    I wish I had an adult sized penis.

  9. I can try and diffuse that bomb for you Raven, but I haven’t had that good of a track record. They seem to always blow up on me and they’re always screaming. It’s a messy job, but not everybody has the right tool.

  10. Adam tempted fate by being smug and cocky on his Facebook. Your closest friends care if your girlfriend is great, all your other Facebook friends despise you more and more with every ‘my relationship is AMAZING’ status you post, until they eventually snap and cave your head in whilst chanting ‘great friends great girlfriend, great friends great girlfriend’ over and over under their breath.

    I would assume.

  11. nuff sounds like a tough job, but also sounds like you may have the right tools for the job…:)

  12. Humm… Did the bomb ever get lit?

  13. @BritishHobo, or they could just call him a “smug prick”, a very straight to the point way of doing things. Unless Adam had a really shitty (and very public) life and has only just gained such commodities, in which case fair play to him.

  14. @cupid According to my resources, bombs such as Raven’s are normally diffused after a few tough years of marriage. Then you can rest assured there will be no more explosions… Usually. Some just can’t seem to stop them from happening.

    @ee I never get one that isn’t lit ee!

  15. nuff, glad to know your good at sparking a fire. I never doubted you for a moment.

  16. @ee Can’t wait to get my Journeyman Ticket, just need to get the hours now. Or is it notches on the bed post? Regardless, it’s a work in progress.

  17. I’ll go with notches on your bed post nuff. Just keep getting those hours and keep that flame burning.

  18. I’ll save a spot just for you ee!

  19. These are fucking stupid…

    which reminds me of the time I fucked a stupid. I used her drool as lube. And all was well until the short bus showed up. Then I had my way with all the other stupids.

    The world continues to turn.

  20. Thanks nuff, I could use some wood to make my mark on.

  21. lol agreed, these are getting dumber

  22. Anytime ee.

    @_isglory Wow, you’ve already fucked emo Mikey, Ethan Suplee, a stupid and the entire short bus! I think you’ve got something going here buddy, and i’ve never heard of you until tonight.

    Anyway, off to hockey-town… In a bit, but other things to do in the mean-time.

  23. My penis doesn’t discriminate.

  24. thepreviouspost

    these were all extremely lame…which I guess is good because after all this is “lamebook” but which is also bad because they were fcking lame.

  25. Since when does “few” mean “five?”

    Also, I had sex with a raven once, and it was not a blast.

  26. Ugh. Yeah, 24, but not fun lame… Just LAME lame. Lamebook has finally jumped the shark. I am sad.

  27. Let me tell you ’bout sharks. You don’t fuck sharks. They fuck you. I learned that the hard way.
    And Aqua-Man wasn’t even there to save me.

  28. lol

  29. Paranoid Android

    I shaved a cat once and by cat, I mean my balls. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    Shiny and smooth.

  30. @_isglory Those Thrasher Sharks are dangerous bitches man, one minute they’re all like, “I love you,” and then the next, *fwoosh* NO HEAD! And i’m not talking about the good kind of head, i’m talking about the one that sits on your shoulders. Do not piss one off.

  31. I tell ya, I don’t know this _isglory fella, but I like him already.

  32. No more dick jokes! Nooooo more dick jokes!

  33. I am sick of seeing posts like #4. Does anyone find that funny or clever at all? He might as well have said, “your mom”.

  34. lol

  35. #3 – That’s so Raven!

  36. These are not so funny so I’m off to shave my cat.

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