Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deep Thoughts from Steven

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  1. Haha Cenobyte oh god. True stuff

  2. this is fucking brilliant.
    i want this guy to lecture the philosophy classes at uni.

  3. rockinghorsefly

    Well I love Steven. I feel much safer now I know that Steven and Jesus will be out there slaying all the demons.

    #96 – “frogsandsticksandshit” is an awesome username.

  4. if this guy had a church, i would be all over that like a frog on a stick, and shit.

  5. Makes me wonder if journaling is part of the process in his mandatory counseling as part of his parole…?

  6. Why would you roll in shit in the first place?

  7. So, as written above I’m one of those losers who just happen to cross a friend who posted a comment on this post. Ya complicated, but. I signed up to say only a few things.

    What the fuck, practically sexting on a public form was more entertaining than Steven.
    *Applauds Bulldog and CO.*

    And, is this the guy from the Ding fries are done song?

    K thx bai

  8. I am 98% sure Steven was high as a kite when he came up with this gem. I don’t know why y’all hatin’ and want to help him get to the afterlife; I would love to be on his friends list and get to read his deep thoughts on a regular basis.

  9. Also, I lol’d hard at #50. Nicely don, amtrak4lovers.

  10. This is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever read. Gold, pure GOLD.

  11. Oh man you should become a priest I’d come to hear you give a sermon every Sunday, I’d be rolling in the aisles for hours. Life in sticks I love it, guess you slept through biology, too busy thinking deep thoughts, probably slept through English too, looking at the spelling. Nevermind, but do yourself a favour try rolling around in a field with a girl, it might give you a whole new outlook, certainly put some life in your wood that’s for sure 🙂

  12. Almost heart-warmingly retarded. I think he’s (probably unintentionally) channeling Jim Anchower from the Onion.

  13. This is roughly 3 billion times funnier when read out loud.

  14. All I could think of while reading this was


  15. Definitely actually laughed out loud for this one.

  16. Steven is a retard!

  17. I think Steven should start a blog called “Frogs, Sticks and Shit.”

  18. Beyond this guy being an obvious moron, he needs to worry more about proper English!

  19. Haha this guy is a legend. I want to here more.

  20. Didn’t read the message, fuck him. Didn’t read your comments, fuck y’all

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