Monday, May 24, 2010

Conditional Support

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  1. first
    lamebook is totally boring now

  2. rawr.

    1st and 4th were pretty hi-larious.

  3. 3rd?

  4. MsBuzzkillington

    Becky’s dad is awesome.

  5. Jack is pretty hilar.
    Melissa is a bitch.

    lamebook on better form? i think so.

  6. Jack reminds me of Red Foreman.

  7. ijustsawthebookofeli

  8. Desolation Row

    Seriously Jack is a winner

  9. Been around the world, Still can’t find a disease that isn’t mine. I have thick thighs and my tits hang low, and you still can’t tell me I’m the nastiest hoe. I’m the baddest hoe, and everybody knows. Five bucks a trick to please. Just hit me up and I’ll make ya dick sneeze.

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    yayyy Jack!

  11. Jack and Becky’s dad were the best!

  12. sarahmargeurite

    I think the last one is my Aunt Melissa..

  13. HeSaidWhat, what’s your email address?

  14. I don’t know exactly what Melissa would delete. Either children or sex. Personally I would rewind and wear a condom.

  15. Jack For The WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Actually, it’s probably good there isn’t a rewind button that I control because I would probably rewind the same 15 seconds over and over again for all eternity. (when baby George Bush Jr was getting circumcised)

    Quick question. If you come across a lamebook post you don’t laugh at, do you not post a lol on it? Or do you post it anyway for consistency’s sake?

  18., leave something in the subject line to let me know whats up or if its facebook send a message before you friend request me. I have to do this to weed out the nuts.

  19. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @lockets she doesn’t post at all then! Sometimes she even adds a little extra somethin’ somethin’ for her fans!

  20. I want Jack to adopt me.

  21. Hahah I like the first one “stop being a pussy and come help me clean the garage” 😀

  22. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I like Jack.

    People like Janet really piss me off.

    WHAT is the point of self-censorship?


    “But think of the children!”
    No, fuck off. If you’re writing something that includes a profanity, don’t do it where children are going to access it.

    If you do, and the children find a work with a symbol on it, it’s going to draw their attention like it’s drawn in red ink. “Why is that word different?”

    The last part of it is, who are you trying to not offend?
    Read “f##k”, in your head, you still read “fuck” don’t you?


  23. HeSaidWhat, I was joking. I do not really want your email address. I am not going to “hit you up.” I do not want you to make my “dick sneeze.”

  24. Walter comment #16.

    Sweet mate, love it. Best thing I’ve read for a while. Bravo.

  25. When/if I have kids, Jack’s parenting is what I will aspire to.

  26. lol

    Jack M for the fecking win!

  27. @Lockets – I lol at everything, even the crap stuff :O

  28. I thought the delete button for children was called an abortion.

    Malteaser said something besides “lol.” I think I crapped my pants.

  29. Sam’s dad is awesome.

  30. Sam’s dad… every emo kid needs a dad like Jake.

  31. Jack made me giggle. I like Jack!

  32. Sam’s dad is awesome.

  33. Jack FTW – I actually LOL’d at that one…

  34. What’s wrong with what Terry did? I’m sure her daughter’s ex was a douche, and she is happy to see him go. And yes, Sam and Becky’s dads FTMFW.

  35. Jack’s comment has my approval.

  36. Walter I was really looking forward to that! 🙁

    It’s an old one I don’t use….With all the wierdos running around in here I would never do that. I pulled it off once and got lucky. I even made another account when I switched them.

  37. wow Melissa..I hope none of her childs saw that msg

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