Monday, May 24, 2010

Forward Photos

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  1. Scarlett The Harlot


    And Amber’s vagina lessons suck.

  2. Ben 2

  3. bubble wand? really??

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m guessing Amber’s drawing isn’t to scale, otherwise they’ll need a large gauge catheter.

  5. rockinghorsefly

    Good to see that Amber used correct anatomical terminology during her ‘Vagina Lesson’. Pee hole and pleasure area are clearly medical terms.

  6. I’m struggling with you, lamebook, I really am.

    Your posts of late, oh so bleh, and it seems not as many people are bothering to comment, so I can’t be the only one thinking this.
    I tune in daily with the hope that things will get better, as I’m an optimist by nature, but the glass sure is looking half empty right now.

    But I will say that Amber’s vagina looks like it has the wart virus.

  7. Not only does Amber’s vagina diagram look like it has the wart virus, but it’s also WRONG.

    I suggest she get a mirror and check out what she’s got going on down there.

  8. I think Amber got her anatomy lessons from H.P. Lovecraft.

  9. I hope her Vagina lessons aren’t for an Anatomy class relating to anything in the Nursing field. Jeezus, URETHRA.

  10. lol

    I want a “bubble wand”.

  11. I love the idea that there’s guys out there so desperate for vagina that if they see one scribbled on a board they’ll be straight on it, licking it all over, visibly disappointed when they see it’s just disappeared.

    No. No, that isn’t felt tip on my tongue. Fuck off. Fuck off.

  12. Also what word said. I used to be here for every post, but now I just occasionally pop in. And it’s not like I’ve gotten a life or anything.
    And hell, the quality of comments has dropped. I mean look at the one I just wrote. What the hell is that? If you found that funny I’ve got a Sarah Silverman DVD you’re gonna freak your shit over.

  13. it’s very disturbing that this woman doesn’t even know how her own body works. The womb is a separate hole where babies come out? WTF? i knew babies came out through the vagina (or “pleasure area” on amber’s diagram) when i was 5.

  14. rockinghorsefly

    @gypsy – I am pretty sure that she has only drawn two holes – the ‘pee hole’ and the ‘womb pathway where babies come out’. I think the ‘pleasure area’ at the top is supposed to be a drawing of a clitoris, not another hole. But I could be wrong.

  15. As someone who teaches anatomy to prenursing students I am appalled and afranked.

  16. @rockinghorsefly- pretty sure you’re right.

  17. @pale afranked? wtf does that mean?

    and i used to love you lamebook but you have proven yourself unworthy of such devotion. i am sorry to say this but, i think we need to start seeing other people.

  18. oh phallic bubble wand….and jordan ftw

  19. If Amber had the Bubble Wand I’m not sure she whould know where to put it.

    Word and Hobo, It has been a very sad time for Lamebook as of the last few weeks. This is the biggest reason I have not been around as of late. I post funnier stuff on my wall than this. Usually it comes from real life with no humor intended.

    With that being said, I will give you guys something that is funnier than most of these post have been as of late.

    My ex-girlfriend and I had a talk the other day. Throught this past year she has sadly tried countless times to try and get me to come back to her. At one point she says,”You will never find anybody like me again.” All I could say was, “Thank Goodness!” I am aware this is only worthy of a small chuckle, but sadly it is far funnier than anything I have seen on Lamebook as of late.

  20. Geez how many times did I have to say as of late.

    I’m pretty sure Lamebook has jumped the shark.

  21. I found this post to be hilarious. lol

  22. Suicidal Tendencies

    Do NOT enroll in Art School, Amber 😐

  23. yourinevitabledemise

    Perhaps Thomas was implying that the queer room might also have been full of lovely lezzies, Hobo. But women in general aren’t dumb enough to lick a marker drawing of whatever genitals they so desire, not even to make a funny. If the boys are so horny that a terrible barely-likeness makes them want to jump a dry erase board, it should probably be renamed the Orgy Room.

  24. Demise, I’m thinking more along the lines of The Virgin Room. Of course I have seen Mental Hospitals where there are people walking around stroking themselves while they undress you with their eyes. Scary stuff it is.

  25. What frustrates me the most is that I have submitted some absolutely cracking material to lamebook, and none, NONE! of it has ever made it up. For example, surely a tattoo of “wheres wally” coming out of some blokes arse crack beats this crap?! Who wouldnt want to see that!

  26. I submitted a photo of my friends Hello Kitty tramp stamp that has swirls and ice cream cones and various berries…. hilarious but did not make it up

  27. This is why Lamebook has sucked lately. I would have loved to see both of those tatoos.

    I have submitted some absolutely side splitting stuff and have yet to see but one of my pwt. The worstpart is that I KNOW funny. I know that not all of you may agree with my humor, and not to toot my own horn, but I’m prey sure that most of you have laughed at my comments once or twice.

  28. Yeah, you seem real fun. An absolute riot.
    Sorry, just sayin’.

  29. @ wordpervert & British…..welcome to the land of beanstalker!

  30. Aside from it being drawn incorrectly, that’s not even a diagram of a vagina; it’s a VULVA. So much for your educational lesson, Amber.

  31. It’s amazing how wrong Amber is. I don’t see how it’s possible for her to even have a vagina, if that’s what she thinks everything does/looks like.

  32. it girls like Amber that explain things wrong to a boy one time and ruin it for the rest of us !!

  33. Paranoid Android

    For shame lamebook, for shame. Check out this new site, it’s hilarious and zany:-

    Alen 20110020 (Reprise)

  34. Lamebook has got bad lately.

    I submitted the ‘bubble wand’ photo, and it has been doctored. The ‘Jordan’ comment was added by Lamebook themselves.

    For shame.

  35. Oh Lamebook, adding your own comments to submitted posts is the epitome of lame!

    I think I’m going to have to submit this site to Lamebook.

  36. If what Ziddy says is true – I’m really disappointed in you Lamebook 🙁

  37. Been away for quite a while and coming back i can see that Lamebook hasnt really upped the ante …
    It’s a bloody shame because this site always offered something extra to get me trough the working day but now it rarely offers me more then a weary smile …

  38. I need to see some more of Joe’s tattoos.

  39. ouch, lamebook running out of material?

  40. Am I the only one to see a face with a beard in the “womb pathway”?
    Looking at medical drawings should not be like examining inkblots, Amber.

  41. If Amber is a nurse, I don’t want her anywhere near my “womb pathway.” She’d probably lose something in there, that ditz. Haha at bubble wand, though.

  42. Charlottaraptor

    I know her labelling is pretty dire but I’m pretty sure she’s just drawn a clitorus, urethra, vagtina and then anus. Which as far as I’m aware is right… It was probably just a short hand joke. Not overly funny but not particularly retarded either.

  43. Charlottaraptor


  44. AHAHAHHA at the bubble wand

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