Thursday, May 17, 2012

Well, It’s Not Everyday…

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  1. No, you’re not.

  2. Really, what?

  3. I bet she’s married to a lizard, and her child really gave birth to her grandchild… She just hates getting old.

  4. raiseyourglass

    How ’bout the child shoved the toy in his diaper?

  5. The lizard is fake.

  6. I’m inclined to agree with raiseyourglass. I kind of wish I could get a better idea of scale here, but it looks far too big for a kid in nappies to swallow and shit out without having to go to hospital. Also, why am I wasting my life trying to solve this mystery?

  7. nah, those things are really squishy, it’s perfectly possible.

  8. That’s often how I find rocks and other odd items that definitely were not swallowed. Sometimes, the oddest things end up in diapers.

    Like grandparents…

  9. I wouldn’t say myth completely busted, I reckon it may be possible, but hard to swallow. Like a few tabs of bubble gum at once. I’m with beatus. It was placed at the crime scene post-defecation.

  10. if what summer is claiming is real, the lizard would be thickly coated in shit.
    unless she rinsed the fucker off and cunningly arranged it for her totally-necessary photo shoot…which raises a whole new set of problems.

  11. This is disgusting no matter WTF happened

  12. I just had to go on Lamebook this morning…while eating breakfast. Yeah, babyshit is always a sight for sore eyes.

  13. crustylovelips

    ^You enjoy looking at baby shit? That’s a bit weird.

  14. Yeah the colours and consistency of it all fascinates me…doesn’t taste too bad either.

  15. crustylovelips

    I know you’re trying to be sarcastic, but it’s coming across as weird.

  16. Is that a Cacko, sorry Gecko?

    Fuck off.

  17. sababe is a total pervert

  18. ^Awww you making me blush here sweetums.

    @Crusty, weird is one of my middle names and I don’t see it as a bad thing.

  19. crustylovelips

    Well…it’s not your middle name, is it? No one is christened “Tom ‘Weird’ Smith” are they? That’s just fucking stupid.

  20. ^^^ weak response, crusty.

  21. ^I concur, buckle. but ‘casting pearls before swine’, you know?

  22. crustylovelips

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^?? Shit I wasn’t aware that very comment had to be pure fucking gold. In fact…pretty sure not one of my comments have been pure fucking gold so don’t start splitting hairs now you pedantic fuck wit.

  23. MsAnne, #21… you’re really insulting pigs there.

  24. I fucking hate cops.

  25. You would, you fucking hippie

  26. free the weed, man.

  27. ACAB!!!11!!

  28. ACAB!!!

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