Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not KIDdin’ Around

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  1. beautiful stuff today

  2. Hey! I should’ve Ben’d it. Or Stever’d.

  3. your still my bestie!

  4. Bahahahahaha

    Fucking losers, just like anonisgayisgay.

    Painful shit, how quaint.

  5. cue boring unfunny comment by anonisgayisgay about someone being gay.

  6. To invoke anonisgayisgay, you have to say his name three times. Like Beetlejuice.

  7. Can you imagine Sylvia telling her kid that she was the most painful shit she ever had. I’d love to witness that conversation. And then she finds out that it was broadcast on facebook when she was a year old.
    Chelsea, get a grip, sounds like Rose already has.
    Johnny, well done for telling the world that your kids mother was having an affair, I’m sure they will appreciate the attention they will receive in the playground.

  8. Well, I guess Miley, Rose, Chelsea’s ex and Denise all have something in common.

    Also alordslums is gay.

  9. Oops!


  10. Whole lotta gayness goin’ on.

  11. The first two are simply the second verse same as the first. Kids having kids….boring.

    Now the third one is truly epic/sad. Too bad most states have no fault divorces. And the fact that he hijacked her account and broadcasted to their family that she is a cheating whore is a now rare classic you don’t see as much on FB.

  12. hobo,

    i’m already feeling fragile enough that anon’s become your gimp. please.

    i’ve gone down into the basement twice today just to look at the faint impression in the mattress where he used to lie manacled…. the two-day-old half-eaten dog food in his favourite bowl’s gone dry and clumpy…

    it’s too much for me!

  13. i’m not seeing the hilariousness in denise’s husbands facebook post. finding out your wife is cheating on you, after you have been with her for 20 years, and having your family destroyed is NOT funny, or even ‘lame’. it’s sad.

  14. I am donning a pastel colored shirt as I post this.

  15. Sorry Denim,

    I know you are a good person at heart…
    But posting all that shit on Facebook and her own account is … HILARIOUS!!!

  16. Being that I’m a dick, I must laugh at the fact that this dude did not think before he posted and simply posted out of anger. Then take into account that family on both sides will read this.

    That post ol’ Johnny made was beyond lame, it was stupid. And to top it all off, Johnny will be getting fucked again when his wife spends his child support money on a new cockring for the boyfriend.

    The guys get fucked from both ends. This is why they need to get rid of no fault divorces.

  17. Johnny is a drama queen. Suck it up, dude. Go out and get some new magic on your Johnson.

  18. I have my doubts that Johnny is having a great night unless he bought some ‘shrooms, JD and is getting acquainted with his vacuum cleaner.

    WTG Johnny, you show ’em champ.

  19. I think that Johnny did the right thing. And in these times today <—In my best grandma voice, I don't think most kids 2 shits whether their friend's parents are getting divorced. Just saying.

  20. kids GIVE 2 shits. WTF? This coffee must be decaf. Must punch hubby.

  21. I wonder how big Sylvia is, so big she did not know she was pregnant 😛

  22. poele can be pregnant and not know,i watched some shit on he science channel about it,haha.sounds like my worst nightmare..

  23. If I randomly pooped out a child I’d go straight for the liquor, be drunk as shit by the time EMS arrived. Sell the kid on the black market, to some Haitians. You know, so the kid will have a good life.

  24. dirtylittlepretty

    Rose is gonna be pissed when she finds out that loverboy is still banging Chelsea and they are both knocked up.
    or maybe they will all 3 live in bliss..

    err ..all 5

  25. I have to wonder why Syliva went to the hospital over that anyway… most people just go to the bathroom.

  26. Actually thinking now that Sylvia did know she was pregnant and went to hospital to give birth. Later, thinking she needed a torie, was actually going into labour.

    Sory if I am being a bit democratic. Feel free to liberalise it.

  27. Sorry*

  28. Have I already told the story about the fetus shit into one of the toilets at my work? True story. I don’t know whether a closehanger was involved for that one though.

  29. i’m just grossed out now.

    @nuff Ty for the information but I must go throw up now.

    I don’t see how people could be so…….. idk lets have fun people fill in the blank with the best word you feel fits haha.

  30. Your welcome. I think the word vulgar fits pretty well elevate.

  31. Wow nuff, that would be the true story of my last day at that job.

  32. Nahhh, having too much fun here. Lots of flexibilty, good hours, benefits, the works. Also, have you ever used fireproof spray paint on your hand and set it on fire? A lot of fun and looks awesome, lol. “Flame on!”

  33. Touché salesman

  34. The lamest thing about Chelsea/Rose is that Rose made it a status and just linked her into it. If you’re gonna do that shit on facebook, make it a private message. Or a wall post at the very least. Now she’s just broadcasting how insincere she is, basically. People like Rose really burn my biscuits.

  35. [4 Mikefu]
    We don’t know what Rose put as her status that Chelsea originally replied to, could have been about the weather for all we know.

    I could be wrong though since I hate facebook and am glad I don’t really know shit about it.

  36. ericaisillmaticxo

    .. her status is right there .. in quotations . what are you talking about ?

  37. These last few posts have been disappointing. Why won’t they post my much funnier posts? Are they saving the good ones for the book?

  38. Rose must be a very classy lady, what with the simple explanation and the “your still my best friend”

    Also, the ‘my partner cheated on me and I’m putting it as their status’ is done a lot. Poor kids, yes. Lamebook fodder, bad choice.

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