Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EXed Out

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  1. This girl is so dumb! But I am prejudice toward people who use “txt tlk.” The weird thing is his dad is MARRYING her, that’s the bizarre part. I predict that he will be a very controlling husband and always be jealous of her peers who will hit on her. Also, this chick has like 1200 friends and hardly any feedback on her stuff, that’s odd. And finally, creepiest comment from the dad on a picture of them (presumably from graduation) “Beautiful lil Rose. Was a Great day watching you Graduate. So Proud of You!” *CRINGE*

    Okay /creepystalking.

  2. Over the past 32 hours, I have written, produced and directed the porno based on this incident…now all I need is a title….best title will get a producers credit!

  3. Lamebook, I say this as your friend. Kind of. More of an aquaintance, really. Or someone who used to be your real close friend in high school, but then you kind of became an asshole a little bit, or you got really into drugs, and got in with the wrong crowd, or you started sleeping with other guy’s girlfriends, and then you totally tried it on with mine, so I pretty much just stopped hanging out with you altogether, and then a few years later, I… the fuck?

    I’m all with you guys on this whole court case thing. Mark Zuckerberg’s only redeeming feature is that he’s Jesse Eisenberg, and that’s only movie-Zuckerberg, so the real guy doesn’t even have that, he’s just an asshole. But maybe you guys would have a better moral ground if you didn’t keep forgetting to blur out people’s names, or if you stopped editing posts to make them seem funnier.

  4. Their facebooks are actually so interesting, it’s like watching a soap opera. Considering bookmarking their pages to watch this all unfold…:$

  5. apparently she might have cancer

  6. Yeah, I’m sure this guy (or the one on FML) is the ONLY GUY EVER to have their ex-gf leave him for his dad. Aren’t like half of all Jerry Springer episodes based on this same story? They can’t ALL be fake…?

  7. has anyone else noticed that under her “children”, it says “Puppy Deebo :)”!???? someone, please tell me it’s not actually a child being listed there!!!!

    WTF, and Farmville!?

    all i have to say is, “wow, good job ‘dad’, at least we know you’ll be fucking your son’s sloppy seconds!!”. hope he feels great about himself. what a loser!

  8. Lulz, no, i’m not joking, why do you think that?

  9. I would be so furious if my dad did that and he had a lot of money(which this guy doesn’t appear to have). Just disown him and work hard and make a shit tonne of cash and rub it in their face. She works at Red Lobster, so she’s rollin. I added her as a friend. Just said I play farmville lots, haha.

  10. I never stalked a stranger before but holy shit this is getting entertaining. Matt’s mom is pretty fuckin sexy as far as I can tell from the profile pic. She appears to be wearing elf ears along with a sexy old costume (renaissance maybe?) standing next to a wicker hippie. So I’m assuming shes either a Role Player or renaissance fair employee.
    I feel bad for this guy. His dad is marrying his hot young asian ex girlfriend(I hope I can get some hot young asian pussy when I’m 39, just sayin). His mom is a Role Player(possibly). I’m gonna call my parents and thank them for just being a plain old normal couple.

  11. I did look for this status message on everyone’s posts but had no success. Advice please?

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