Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holey Crap

Holey Crap

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  1. Kill yourself for posting this.

  2. WHAT.

    at least he didn’t murderd the hole friggin’ house.

  3. Get that man to an MFA program!

  4. All he needs is 2 girls and 1 cup…

  5. bowel movements can be so funny I guess….not

  6. gross. Why must people post that on facebook ?!

  7. mmmmm… delicious.

  8. What happens to a turd deferred?

    Does it dry up
    like a dead animal rotting in the hot sun?

    Or does it explode?

  9. Is it wrong that I’m more offended by the grammar mistakes than the content of what he is posting?

  10. I’m more offended by Michael’s comment. Without him stating the obvious we would have at least had room to use our imagination a little bit, and pretend that what actually happened was Justin randomly marching into his bathroom one day with a shotgun.

  11. lol at fterklang.
    that made my day.

  12. hahahaha, Jamelia FTW! possibly one of the best lamebook comments I’ve seen.

  13. thanks for the dream deferred reference. 🙂

  14. How does the dead animal sink if it’s also rotting in the sun?

  15. The search for Weapons of Mass Destruction is at an end.

  16. Facebook is slowly but surely turning into MySpace.

  17. Pooping 101: Lay it, don’t spray it.

  18. Weapons of Ass Destruction, surely?

  19. Boz, you made my day. People should use this for wars. Point ass, punch gut, and spray. Woot.


  21. Anon FTW.

  22. ….
    that dude should kill himself for posting that..
    or… at least lay off the Exlax…

  23. Boys being boys “stupid jackasses” and I am a guy.

  24. He’s the record!

  25. That is hilarious, his description is great.

  26. SO FUNNY!!!!

  27. @Jamelia I believe he said Exploted not exploded XD

    That being said, your comment is by far my favorite

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