Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peace, Love, & Mom


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  1. Had Sex With A ADPI With Her Letters On

    Yall you little ADPI Hoes Need To Stop Tripin My Girl Didn’t Do Anything Wrong She Just Took A Pic. And If You Were Real Sisters To This Girl Ya’ll Should Done The Thing Ya’ll Call “PI TAP” Then Telling Her On Here So The Whole World Can See. And Why Talk About Her Mom That Is So Unlady Like, O Yeah Forgot Most ADPI Are Unlady Like. Thank You.

  2. You Americans with your frats and sororities! Whatever will you come up with next?

  3. Like I said before…Like mummy like D”WHORE”ter

  4. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF HER SKIN? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

    She looks like a carrot and a pumpkin had cold, messy sex and then spray-tanned their kid daily for 20 years with a can of neon orange Krylon. And then she got a sunburn to top it off.

    This is worse than any “jersey shore” douche pics I have ever seen. Holy fuck.

  5. dont worry about it

    WOW IS SHE ORANGE!… lay off the tanning bed sweetheart!

  6. ok…u little bitch saying u had sex with an adpi with her letters on! go suck a dick! your girl appears to be a big slut with an open vagina! Her picrue is wrong she looks like a fucking “lobster whore” it looks like the cierra chick was just trying to do the right thing for her sister and then the crazy ass mom just went appshit for no reason! ur a stupid fucktard just like your “girl” go fuck yourself douchbag

  7. Hooray Western Civilization! Parental authority? What’s that? Apparently Suzanne thinks it’s far more important to be her kids’ BFF than to provide any kind of moral/ethical foundation the way, oh, I don’t know, a parent should. Also, holy hell Chelsea, that skin color doesn’t even exist in nature! And way to keep it classy with that slutastic pose.

    BTW, it’s sad that only ONE person in that lineup made any amount of sense. Cierra, you need new friends and fast.

  8. Had Sex With A ADPI With Her Letters On

    to all you stupid fucks talking about her tan, are all fucking stupid anyone can tell tey photo shopped the pic. and foe you pplrcrazy you must be a one nasty lookin whore if you take your time to talk shit about a photo, i know your in the same Chapter she is in, so why don’t you grow some tits and talk to her face to face stupid CUNT! and remember it takes a WHORE to Know a Whore stupid BITCH!

  9. i’m not in a sorority but i guess i’d be mad also if i had a sister with a picture like that. it’s disgusting close your legs. but this guy above me. wow, first you must be suzanne because you can’t spell and you are a very angry person it seems like. two grow some tits? shouldn’t your friend have some tits first before you tell someone else to grow some? three your friend really is orange regardless of photoshop. & four even if it was photoshopped why would she want to look orange. FYI not cute. that’s all.

  10. @33: My dear, this is LAMEBOOK…people come here to “stumble” across shit like this. Why singling me out for pointing out that ADPi is a sorority has apparently unhinged you from the last tenuous grasp you have on reality that has forced you to unleash a torrent of verbal diarrhea is beyond me.

    I’m pretty sure you’re this unfortunate girl’s mother and all I can offer you is a sincere recommendation to seek professional help. You obviously fail at life.

    P.S. Thanks for the reference to sex with my dad – that’s much appreciated considering he’s dying in the hospital.

  11. some people have no idea what this website is about. coughpizzaakassacough.

    part of me is hoping that’s just a character who is a douchebag wrapped in an asshole covered with a pinch of bitchass–but if that’s the case, he/she really needs to lay off the parent-sex references.

  12. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Pizza A Kassa is a total psycho!!

  13. Team CANDY!!! TEAM CIERRA!!!


  15. Normal (*rare!*)

    Pizza a kassa : maybe if you didn’t go out whoring every night and get lovely innocent little Chelsea to sit and watch whilst you shoved it in up to the sac, e wouldn’t be a whoring little slut herself with a fucking stupid spray tan and a 3ft fuck-hole. Get a life, get OFF of the Internet until you know how to use it, NEVER reproduce again and get Chelsea’s tubes tied so that 1) we don’t have to put up with more thickhead sluts and 2) she can whore without fear of replicating your family situation. Oh – and go back to school where kids under 16 could spell and debye better than you.

  16. Normal (*rare!*)

    Debate – stupid Auto-correct

  17. Re: #56 “the crazy ass mom just went appshit”

    My mom goes appshit on Facebook too. Li’l Green Patch, Farm Town, Bumper Sticker; she’s got ’em all.

  18. This is what I think… If this girl had any self respect, she would have never taken the picture or been in that position to begin with. Any “lady” would have more class and better taste. And her sorority name on the picture? I guarantee her sisters are extremely ashamed of her and are laughing about it every day.Trust me. Not to mention the other greeks on her campus. Great way to start off the recruitment season.

    Whoever this girl is, no matter how orange or skanky she may be, she obviously doesn’t know how to think for herself, and hell, as far as I can tell, her mom is probably the one who took the picture.

    lesson learned? don’t be a dumb skank, and teach your children respect for themselves. it’s better to be a parent than a friend.

  19. ok
    I know Chealsea, and she is a nice girl, but yes her picture gives ADPi a bad image. shes old enough to fight her own battles, mommy’s not gonna be there forever. She knew it was a slutty pic but she chose to put it up anyway. She took it off, and with God’s grace she will respectfully go inactive and hopefully never wear our letters again!

    The First, Finest, & Forever

  20. TEAAAAAAM CIERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am a guy and i damn sure can tell when a picture of a girl is revealing or not and this one is definately not!! wow a crotch shot would actually show some crotch this pic is far from a crotch shot. i sense some hostility and shit talkin and a dab of backstabbing going on in this circle of friends it seems. You guys need to get real!! ANd by the way is such a loser that they spend all their time scanning thru pictures on facebook?:?? wtf get a life!!!

  22. My God…I know this girl. This does not surprise me at all.

  23. Ugh. It’s things like this that make me very grateful my parents don’t know how to use computers…

  24. What’s with the “Missouri Mom” comment? -.- That’s where I live.
    Also, did anyone else happen to notice how badly she contradicted herself?
    Telling Samantha that Cierra can fight her own battles, whilst she is fighting her daughter’s. Not to mention, she is one to talk about maturity.

  25. Hotapps-the Missouri mom references the case of Lori Drew, a mom who made up a pretend boy on MySpace to entice a 13 year old Megan Meier. Lori then cruelly dumped Megan, saying she was better off dead. Megan killed herself. Drew’s motives were to cause Megan pain because she no longer hung out with her daughter.

    More here:

  26. Eww.

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  28. UGH these moms, seriously.

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