Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not the Brightest Spark…

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  1. she should sit in a warm bath with her microwave, and set it on high for 25 minutes.
    the problem should be fixed.

  2. but… that would…kill her

  3. That’s what happens when you’re named after a soap-opera character.

  4. Haha except for try putting a metal utensil in the microwave and nothing will happen. It’s the metal paint on dishes or aluminum foil that cause it to spark. Instead of assuming you know everything try the scientific method of testing. I always leave my cutlery on dishes in the microwave. Lamebook & comments fail…. Nice double. Judge away smart people.

  5. ^aw that’s just sad.. pretending your disposable cutlery is real metal.

  6. I think you should try sitting in a warm bath with your microwave, pop some cutlery in, and set it on high for 25 minutes, recockulous.

  7. As opposed to fake metal… Good one. Ms Anne Thrope I am assuming you would like me plug this microwave in before I try your suggestion. But see the cutlery would still not spark because the surface area to volume ratio of cutlery is still too low. Wether I am in the bath or not. Now if your suggesting on a way to try to kill myself I feel that’s just rude. I was just trying to improve your knowledge so you would be less ignorant with your statements.

  8. and which statements would those be? my helpful bath-time tips?

    I assumed the microwave would be connected to a power supply, yes, because in the first world country I live in, modern appliances all need to be turned on so that the digital display can be set to high.
    I don’t think it really fucking matters whether your cutlery sparks or not when you press ‘start’, but I’m keen for you to try so I can see.

  9. Patient: “Doctor, every time I drink coffee, I get a sharp pain in my right eye.”
    Doctor: “Take the spoon out of the cup.”

    Recock, not all microwaves spark with simple flatware, but mine does. My old one didn’t, but then, my old one took forever to cook anything. My current microwave does spark with simple flatware, though. Also, the proper word is either “flatware” or “utensils”. “Cutlery” refers to strictly knives.

  10. Beatus like the joke. I have not come across a microwave recently that does (home or work are fairly new) in which case if yours does I stand corrected. I am assume your new one is quite powerful to be able to cause it to spark. As far as “cutlery”, being Canadian, stands for any utensil used for serving food. When I wiki it mentions the same thing but it says in the US that it stands for knives exclusively. So is it safe to assume you are American and therefore the discrepancy.

  11. Canadians just have it wrong. They only things Canada is good for are beer, candy, and hats.

    But I love Canadians anyway. Much of my family and many of my friends are Canadians, hence the mean Canadian jokes. They get me with the typical fat American jokes, too, and then I kick their asses because I’m better than they are and they know it.

  12. Stupid Logan, it’s the cinnamon!! Haven’t you seen a bottle of Fire Water?

  13. recockulous, despite your tragically prissy tone, you were proved wrong.
    so stop trying to suck beatus’ cock and crawl back in your hole, you sad joke of a person.

  14. Are you suggesting that recockulous’s “scientific method of testing” mentioned in comment # 4 doesn’t actually work? Because I was about to change my whole approach to life.

    I guess I’ll have to stick with research, and not just my own limited, narrow observations when calling out judgmental “smart people”.

  15. I usually warm my cup of water with a metal spoon in it. No sparks or fires or nuclear disasters resulted ever. Instead, if Id warm water in microwave oven without spoon, it could get angry (the water) and jump out of the cup afterwards as I am putting some tea into it… 😉

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