Friday, August 5, 2011

Blowing with the Stars

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  1. Her name is Claire yet he calls her Steph? hmmmm

  2. First!

  3. Who is Steph?

  4. Well, I wasn’t first after all… Anyway, I just wanted to say Marc is a douche for saying that…

  5. Who is Steph?

  6. Maybe its her middle name and she goes by Steph instead of Claire??

  7. PWND!

    Howdy to all…. been a long time since I was on here last… I’m sure no one remembers me 🙁

  8. yeah please do tell, who the hell is steph? threw me off.. FAIL- because he doesn’t know his girlfriends name.. sorry EX

  9. Probably a middle name or a nickname.

  10. velocirrober – youre a douche for even typing “first” to begin with. marc wins.

  11. I mean…Marc’s burn was good…but not to the girl’s dad!! That’s low…

  12. I think he was proving a point. Don’t put personal stuff on facebook for everyone to see. Fair enough though, she calls him out and he responds in kind. I bet she will think twice before calling someone out again.

  13. I doubt very much that Marc would have said that to Sam in a face-to-face situation. The internet turns wimps into warriors. It’s still pretty damn funny, though. And Sam (kind of) asked for it by getting involved. He may have thought he was doing the right thing by defending his daughter, and I understand that, but parents getting in amongst the relationship dramas of their children is almost never a good idea. It just creates more problems than it solves. Sure, offer your kid some advice and be his/her shoulder to cry on, but that’s it. Sam, you’re better off just leaving them to it, and go back to watching DWTS like the good little pussy-whipped husband it sounds like you are.

  14. Ya Steph must be her middle name,or perhaps a nickname. You wouldn’t believe how totally unrelated some people’s nickname are. I know a dude named Curtis Jackson but people call him 50 cent lol

  15. Oh look, another judgmental sexist bitch that thinks the definition of a man is only watching and doing manly things…watch a dance show? Hell no, he’s pussy whipped or a closet gay. Real accepting. Go promptly kill yourself.

    Claire made a huge mistake by calling him out, while they were still friends and/ or her privacy settings were so shit that he could comment via a friend of hers. You can call someone out, just make sure they’re not able to see it or comment on it. Then you can rant and vent away freely. Had she done that, then he wouldn’t have been able to comment, and daddy wouldn’t have a need to jump in. Problem solved.

  16. Don’t be so cunty Keona, DWTS IS gay. So is watching Twilight. I agree with the privacy settings. Claire and her daddy asked for it, and Marc gave it to them.

  17. So what, is mark implying he raised a whore? Then he is a whorebanger

  18. I don’t really like DWTS….what got me “cunty” was the stereotype that a man has to be macho or manly…he can’t have a sensitive side at all. What kind of bullshit is that?

  19. marc for the win. i give credit where credits due.
    although i would defiantly move towns.

  20. So Arock,….. you’d speed-crash your moving van through police corridors while waving a pirate flag? Or how exactly should we imagine you’d move towns defiantly?

  21. ifitwerentformyhorse

    How does getting a blowie in the car while looking at the girl’s family (wtf?) prove he’s a man? I don’t get. But anyway that’s a really low blow. Pun intended.

  22. buckle_up … LOL

  23. Did it occur to anyone that steph could be (possibly) the ” other woman” and he accidentally typed her name instead of claires? Or! It could just be a major autocorrect fail.

  24. Marc and Claire/Steph are like a vulture and a rattlesnake — just because they’re fighting doesn’t mean there’s anyone to root for. They’re both just revolting on multiple levels.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What the fuck? Why do people still read Keona’s comments? Are they new here?

  26. What the fuck? Why does Dukey continue to give snide snarky comments about me, as if I give a shit? He must not have come on the site in awhile. Or trolling. Or too stupid to understand. Or an asshole….I’m not sure which. I’m going with all the above.

    Me coming ad going from the site has nothing to do with what people say to me. It has to do with the content getting bad, and me getting much busier with life. Something ^ should look into.

  27. Keona, by writing all that gobbledygook, you’re showing that you actually do give a shit. You’re obviously not that busy if you can return here multiple times and respond to what people say to you, or about you. Also, Claire’s father is a massive fairy.

  28. Keona took a break from to come back and get all moody… again…. borinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg

  29. Keona complained about the fact that Marc isn’t accepting. Isn’t that a little contradicting?

  30. He must not have been on this site for awhile? You’re making my head spin.

  31. I think when I have sex for the first time I will like it.

    Ladies, I am STD free, and you know where to find me.

  32. Mmm, virgins.


  34. Int he interests of fairness, girl who posted status (I forgot her name and I’ll be damned if I’m scrolling all the way back up there, what do you take me for) is also a douche. Why? I don’t know, I don’t know them, what a rude question to ask.

  35. Marc is a pussy. I need to look a father in the eye while his daughter blows me. It establishes the new order of things. She is no longer his come receptacle, she is my spunk monkey.

  36. I was commenting several times on each post. Now I comment once on one post once in awhile…and yes, since I don’t spend my free time looking through every comment, I don’t know who still comes on the site. Generally I just scroll down and leave something.

    It’s not that I’m giving a shit. I’m actually trying to get it through some skulls and brains how it is..whether they can understand it or not is up to them.

    Steveeerr is correct. My link represents how a certain few of you look to me through your personality. If you don’t want long winded responses, don’t be a douche to people for no reason. It’s simple. A 5 year old could understand that.

    It’s 1:30am. of course I have free time. I fill out job applications during the day, and have some free time at night.

  37. Dukey you’re right. I really shouldn’t read Keona’s comments. Just clicked on her link … in work. Ugh. I really should learn.

    And Hobo is back *waves*

  38. Damn my inquisitive nature, I clicked on Keona’s link and am wondering how and when she snuck into my bedroom.

    For the record, I don’t watch DWTS or any of its ilk, not because of any of that macho bullshit but mainly beacuse they are steaming piles of cancer-shit.

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  41. I warned you morons awhile back to not look at my new link…I guess you should fucking read it, assholes. 🙂 You deserved it.

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    So, Marc was watching her dad watch DWTS whilst receiving that most special of kisses? Funny, but my attention is usually elsewhere. Oh well, it’s no consequence since everyone loses in this one.

    Nothing like a little talk about blowskies to get some familiar faces posting – missed ya’s around here.

  43. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Dunno about y’all, but I don’t know any guys who’d remember what show was on in someone’s window while they were being blown.

  44. I agree with Keona. I hate that bullshit that a guy is “gay” if he doesn’t get blowjobs and drive a pickup truck with metal testicles hanging off of the back. Who cares if some guy watches DWTS? Doesn’t mean he’s “pussy-whipped”. Bottom line is that Marc is a colossal douche, Claire/Steph is a dumbass, and Sam shouldn’t get involved in his daughter’s love life. No “pussy-whipping” or “awesome manly masculinity”, just dumbasses. End of story.

  45. ^ This.

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