Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like A Boss

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  1. Sounds gay…

    grrrr. woof woof.

  2. Now THAT’s a good frape. Good job, John. Too bad Tim won’t stay off of Lamebook.

  3. Beats the usual frapes I read

  4. s t upid

  5. My old work had a block on facebook. For some reason, the block stopped me from accessing lamebook as well.. I don’t know how I use to get through the day.

  6. Imagine if Tim was enough of a cunt to log onto the internet during his lunchtime or something? Does he not honestly not realise that his employer owns him completely from 6am – 6pm?
    So, even though John committed fraud by impersonating Tim using a digital medium, and this could be used as evidence against him if Timmy mans up and has his fraping boss’ ass charged, John is actually in the moral right. Even though he’s a massive cunt.

    or something.

  7. ^He could do that, but that probably will spell the end of his job with his wonderful gay lover boss. Might put a dent in their love life too.

  8. John is clearly very cool. AND awesome. ONLY a super cool bad-ass awesome mother fucker could pull off a slick move like that on FB.

  9. This reminds me of the time I faceraped my employee at work…

    She ended up looking like she’d tried to eat a fucking bucket of wallpaper past.

  10. crustylovelips


  11. What kind of.boss are you if you need to block websites? If john had any charisma, talking with poor timmy about it once would do the trick. John sounds like a pencil fucker.

  12. ^He probably did talk to Tim about it. We don’t know the whole situation.

    I think Feral Musings was fraped by John, too.

  13. ^why the fuck would we even want to know the whole situation?
    It is more fulfilling, and morally and ethically superior, to fill in the blanks yourself. I suspect John guilty of a string of sex crimes.

  14. Exactly. John is a pedophile. And gay.

  15. crustylovelips

    A pencil fucker? Ouch. That would reeeeeally hurt trying to insert a pencil down your japs eye. If you hollowed out the pencil first then once you’d inserted the pencil you could trickle sherbet down and enjoy the tingling sensation.

  16. stick it up your arse, crusty.

  17. Fine. John is guilty of kicking puppies, too.

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